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The Most Well-know Fallout 76 Online Build Planner & Guide

I’m functioning on a Fallout 76 Develop Planner to make it quick to plan, theory craft and share build. The tool is available in English and German right here:

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At the moment it truly is hard to plan final builds, mainly because you can find countless perk cards nevertheless unknown and we do not know each of the changes amongst ranks. Todd Howard from Bethesda has stated that the currency used to buy Fallout 76 items are going to be earnable in-game or purchasable from genuine money.

But I hope you’ll come across the time to possess a appear at the existing version and give some feedback so I could make certain almost everything is running smooth! Please try it on Smartphones, as well. When you attempt it on a Computer possess a look in the keyboard navigation! A soon as we get extra data (with all that gameplay coming soon we really should get genuinely close!) I will update the perks and add new ones.

Searchable Perk Database
In case you just wish to check out the perk cards it is possible to browse by means of them here:

You may filter them by Specific attribute or look for text inside the description or name of all identified perk cards. Make certain to select “EN” as an alternative to “DE” in the upper correct corner should you aren’t German.

Guide for character builds in Fallout 76
If you’re not acquainted with each of the facts here are some essential information on how character builds operate (as far as we know):

1. You can spend 1 attribute point each and every level as much as among the list of 7 Unique attributes. From level 1 to 50 that’s 49 points we can distribute per character. Immediately after level 50 we never get to spend points any longer.

2. You get started the game with 1 point in every Particular attribute.

3. You are able to add a maximum of 14 added points to a Specific attribute since the maximum per Specific attribute is 15. (Supply: QuakeCon)

4. You cannot respect/reallocate your Special points. Thanks /u/_TheForgeMaster (Supply: Twitter)

5. You will discover most likely bobbleheads in Fo76. At this time the planner assumes that a bobblehead can increase an attribute from 15 to 16. If someone finds a gameplay source inside the future that proves this wrong, please let me know!

6. Each perk card belongs to one particular Special attribute. You’ll be able to see it by the color from the card plus the letter within the reduced left corner.

7. Every rank of every perk cards has a “cost value”. It’s shown in the upper left corner. When you activate a perk card it “occupies” as numerous points inside the corresponding attribute, because the expense value says. In the event you don’t have sufficient un-occupied points, you can’t make use of the perk card. (Instance)

If you have anything to add to this list, please post it within the comments!

Should you uncover official sources with missing information, please let me know. I am constantly updating the tool to implement every little thing we know about Fo76!

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