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NBA 2K21: Earn Badges Quickly

Badges are a type of boost for your player. Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to earn badges in NBA 2K21? Here’s how to earn badges quickly, making the player’s MyPlayer character much more effective on the basketball court. Also, NBA mt coins for MyTeam are offered.

fastest badges method

Firstly, for NBA 2K21 characters with a shooting build, we Almighty suggest unlocking the Difficult Shots badge. Don’t try and get layups for easy points; only shoot jump shots and other distance shots to get this badge. We also suggest shooting pull-up shots as standing shots are a bit trickier. With a shooting build, the more shots a player shoots and makes, the higher the shooting meter will go up. After unlocking Difficult Shots, Catch and Shoot is another good badge to get.

Secondly, from a Shooting perspective, setting your matches to the “Pro” difficulty setting will ensure the opposition is tough, but not too tough, and certainly not too easy — as well as set quarters to 12 minutes. This will ensure you optimize gameplay time with minimal interruptions. Playing at the Hall of Fame difficulty level may be good for the ego, but players can earn good XP at the easier difficulty.

Thirdly — this is completely up to the player — but I would highly recommend changing “Shot Timing” to “Real Player %” in the gameplay settings. This means that the likelihood of hitting a shot will rely more on your player’s overall attributes rather than your timing when taking a shot.

Next, you want to focus on getting as good a teammate’s grade as possible because the higher your team’s chemistry is, the better you perform and the faster you’ll earn badges.

Fifth, you can also go practice drills to grinding toward badges. Try to complete the drills as efficiently as possible for double rewards and bonuses.

That’s a “grind,” no doubt, but once you get comfortable with your player’s shot and animation, you’ll find your player taking and comfortably making more mid-range shots than usual.

Additionally, in team training sessions, you can get insane amounts of Badge progression points. Here’s one tip:

• Play games in My Career to unlock more Training drills.
• Once you’ve unlocked the “Free Throw Golf” drill, play it as often as you can; it’s probably the easiest drill in the game.
• Earn at least 3000 progress points for your Shooting Badges; if there’s a Legend in attendance, you’ll get 3x the Badge progression, meaning with four free throw drills in the space of about 5-6 minutes, you can gain 9000 progress.

Finally, you’re obviously going to make more progress grinding toward badges by playing lower-ranked teams instead of taking on adamant opposition.

Getting all of the badges aren’t going to be easy and will take a long time, but getting these first badges can be a quick process by playing smart. I’ve also put together a guide on how to improve your shooting in NBA 2K21, please click here to visit them, and I hope these will be useful to you.

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