Frustrating!NIS bug

The more I try NIS the more frustrated I am. It is not working, not ready.

Several old and some new annoyances:

1) Friends list, clan chat list and friends chat list — the line between names and worlds doesn’t save.
2) Please make all these lists to use one and same style. Also consider to shorten Offline and Lobby XX (why do we need to know Lobby world numbers?).
3) When typing in clan chat couple of last typed lines hide under the typing box – scroll up is not staying on the bottom, you need to scroll down to see all what’s been said.

4) When not using fullscreen for playing, saved setup doesn’t follow the size of browser window. I often re-size my browser for better usability for other than RuneScapes Gold needs.

5) Using easter ring: My saved 3 D World Edited game screen changes back to full scree (within the browser), chat interface changes to square shaped, minimap is lots bigger and Unmorph interface is not movable form bottom right corner.
Unmorphing form egg: Saved game screen is back and other interfaces on their places except the combined backpack/skills/prayer/worn equipment/notes interface. It has lost all tabs and is only showing backpack. Logging in lobby doesn’t fix it, only brings back the bulky title bars instead of slim. Logging out doesn’t fix it. Only re-choosing from presets brings the tabs back.

6) Transparent bank, although not a bug, is difficult in use. Turning down transparency helps but the scratche look of the opaque skin is not good either. Can we please have a smooth option too?
I also don’t understand why bank pin has to be in central interface and not in bank interface. It is not logical to have to move your eyes and hand from possibly re-placed central interface to possibly differently re-placed bank inteface.