New agility runescape updates

Agility is a difficult skill which isn’t very rewarding. That doesn’t make sense. Difficult should mean awesome rewards! My suggestion is to add the buy runescape gold.

-Agility abilities. They would help you with running and dodging attacks during combat
-Add more Agility shortcuts which would be used very commonly and are quite high levelled
-Make Agility levels effect run energy more. Because now it’s almost impossible to run out of run energy, even with a low Agility level


Level 4 – Stamina Boost – Boosts your Run Energy by 10. Cool down time 40 seconds. Available to F2P
Level 17 – Speed Boost – Increases the speed of your character considerably. Cool down time 60 seconds
Level 45 – Dodge – You dodge your enemy’s next attack by rolling to the side. Doesn’t work 100% of the time, higher Agility levels will increase success rate. Cool down time 45 seconds
Level 74 – Back Flip Counter, 100% Adrenaline – You dodge your enemy’s next attack by back flipping , and landing on top of your opponent causing damage. Your character then rolls back to let your enemy up. Agility levels increase the damage this ability does. Cool down time 60 seconds
Level 90 – Meditate – You sit down in a meditation pose, which allows your run energy, health and reduced stats to restore faster. Prayer Points are also boosted by 10. This ability takes 30 seconds and has a Cool down time of 120 seconds


Varrock Sewers – 77 Agility – You may be familiar with the area in Varrock Sewers with the Scorpions. There is a puddle there and on the other side of the puddle, there are skeletons. This shortcut allows you to jump over the puddle

Chaos Temple – 89 Agility – In the Wilderness, there is a wrecked building on a piece of land surrounded almost completely with lava. This shortcut would be at the southern point of this piece of land and there will be rocks which you can jump on to get to the other side. If you fail this shortcut however, you lose 50% of your (current) health.

White Knight’s Castle (Falador Castle) – Requires 92 Agility – The only way to get onto the island in Falador with the Castle is the bridge at the north of Falador. This shortcut allows you to also access it at the south by jumping on rocks.

Wilderness: River Lum – Requires 17 Agility – The River Lum ends at Wilderness Level 6. This shortcut would be a way to jump over the river at Level 3 Wilderness.