Just wanted to make a quick Runescape 2007 Gold suggestions about the Giant Mole..
7 March 2006 Release Date
7 Years?

So i am pretty sure we can all agree that the Giant Mole is outdated and when ever i fight it, it will burrow and my screen will freeze for about a good 5-10 seconds before unfreezing again, i don’t know if this is just me.. But since i was going to report it i thought that i should just suggest that the Giant Mole gets an update with some better drops and even a better gameplay?

Perhaps make it the Mole King and increase it’s combat/techniques/level and maybe even add some minions to help defend the Mole King? Perhaps everytime it burrows a few moles come out and attack you before the King Mole re-appears? This would be far more satisfying than chasing it down and freezing everytime it burrows. :/

Tell me what you think and add on to it if you think this idea is great!
(Btw yes there is such thing as a Giant Mole.. its under falador, many people don’t know that)