Buy FIFA 15 Coin with Paypal to Celebrate the FIFA 15 PS4 bundle

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FIFA 15 has released for a month on PS ,XBOX PC as well as mobile version like Android and IOS. Now here comes a good news for FIFA 15 PS 4 players that Sony Console revealed a bundle that can give you a big bargain. Read on to learn about the bundle and make preparations for your FIFA 15.

Sony UK has officially announced the new console bundle which includes two most popular titles and FIFA 15 and minecraft PS4 which means you can buy a cheaper FIFA 15 PS4 as well as another game. The bundle is now available for purchase for a limited time. The pricing of the same is at 350 UK pounds and is found on the Amazon website in the country. If you are just right playing both games, this must be a really good news. If not, you can also share the other game with your friends either way.

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