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The Feldip Hunter area is one of 4 Hunter training areas. It is located south of the Feldip Hills, which in turn are south of Yanille. This is one of the most popular places to train Hunter because it is the only area that contains the famed Carnivorous chinchompas. Many players who train here use the bank in Oo’glog to deposit items obtained from hunting, but it can only be used once the quest As a First Resort is started.

A Gnome glider landing can be found just north of this area. Players must have completed the One Small Favour and The Grand Tree Quests to be able to use this route.Fairy ring code AKS lands just north of this area. Requires partial completion of Fairytale II – Cure a Queen.Mobilising Armies Teleport (level 10 Magic).

Spirit Tree teleport to Mobilising Armies. Requires completion of Tree Gnome Village quest.Ring of duelling teleport to Mobilising Armies or Castle Wars.Taking the Jungle eagle. Players must have completed Eagles’ Peak quest.Teleport using the spirit larupia familiar.

All the creatures in this area are involved with the Hunter skill, there are:Crimson Swifts (Bird snare);Tropical Wagtails (Bird snare);Carnivorous Chinchompas (Box-trap);Feldip Weasels (Tracking);Barb-tailed Kebbits (Deadfall trap);Spined Larupias (Pit-falls);Black Warlock (Butterfly – Net/Jar).

Jungle camouflage gear helps in hunting these creatures in the Feldip hunter area. See the Hunter skill page for more information on how to hunt these types of creature and the experience gained for each.

The Hunting expert (Master Hunter on map) may be found here. She gives advice to players new to hunting, and players with 99 Hunter may also claim a cape of achievement from her. In addition, she helps the player to capture a Broav in the quest While Guthix Sleeps.

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