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NBA 2K17 Updates & Roster Updated: Glitch In The Scoring System Still Not Cured

On September 20,2016, NBA 2K17 was launched in the market, nonetheless, from then until now, there have been lots of reports coming in regarding the gameplay. According to the makers of the game, they came up with an update, however, from the coming of the game into the market, some reported issues hasn’t been fixed. NBA 2K17 is greatly popularity, It’s no wonder that Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale online.


Earlier this week there came an update in order to fix the problems that the gamers have faced while playing this game online. The gamers were very hopeful of the patch 1.05 so that they can overcome the problems they face. But the 7 GB update did not do much and there are still reports of different problems coming in.

Among the latest reports, there are still glitches in the scoring system. Sam Pham, a YouTube user, recently reported that in an online game the opponent received 11 points erratically in over 18 minutes of gameplay. In yet another problem there was a problem spotted regarding the travel animation of the players. Almost a similar sort of a glitch could be traced in the NBA 2K17 community as well, but the patch 1.05 was not set up to fix that defect. Remember, don’t forget to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

However, besides all these problems there is some good news as well. NBA 2K17 latest update has added Steve Nash who has been the most valuable player for two times. He has appeared for the Dallas Maverick and Phoenix Suns. In NBA 2K16 he came in as a free agent for the makers could not settle the individual license of the player. However, in the latest update, they have managed to resolve the individual license terms and Nash has been included in the MBA 2K17 roster.

For the game, it’s now made available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as Windows PC via Buy NBA 2K17 MT, you can experience so fun gameplay. however, ultimately, when will the game be made available to be played in Nintendo Switch, it has not yet been made any statement.

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