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What Is The Best Pet In MU Legend

People are talking more about sets and accessories but there are some incredible pet’s in the game, what is the “best” pet right now to level up?

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” I saw some good for different purposes, I evolved 2 “Cat’s” and with 2 more support exp now I have permanently 10% soul bonus, pretty good and I plan to keep evolving them later but right now I want to know more about what is the best pet to evolve for DPS, I have a Tier 3 Gargoyle that gives Beast and Demon DMG and HP but I was wondering if it’s worth it to keep evolving it.” A player said.

I think any pet with attack is best, type doesnt matter anything, only content that is even remotely any challenge is lupa100, and even that doesn’t really require that much gear. monster types in lupa are random so any type is fine, some people claim beast because epics have lot of beasts but epic dungeons are a huge joke and you really shouldn’t gear towards that, even to gems its better to go with demon just to make myth runs faster rather than once a day epics.


Lupa 100 is easy for…Warmage and DL’s. There’s a reason why you will hardly see any Blader attempt past 60+. It requires heavy cash shop pot usage, but anyway I suggested beast damage because of Epics and it’s the only endgame content we have at the moment if you care about competing with your fellows on dps meters.

I would not choose a pet to marginally speed up clearing easy content like mythics or to help against the epic bosses, which you will encounter once a day. By the time you have a tier 4-5 pet your damage output from gear/levels should be high enough to mean clearing those dungeons is mostly about travel time, rather than clear speed. Budge dragon gives you attack which is universally useful, both for pve and pvp, as well as magic attack, which is very useful for progressing in 60+ endless tower. Dragon also gives more max HP, another universally useful stat. Magic is also the only damage type which is useful for certain Lupa bosses, although most are humanoids or constructs.


So budge dragon is generally a better choice, but why not keep both and use the gargoyle in specific instances? On top of your normal attack. So if you have +1000 demon damage and use a skill which deals 200% attack damage, it only adds the 1000, not 2000. The attack stat however is added to your character sheet and modified normally, so 250 attack from the dragon would deal 500 in this instance. Something to consider and worth testing if you go the gargoyle route. If you are interested in this game, want to have a good pet, and not have MU Legend Zen, then you can find and buy in

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