Can’t use displayfps on ubuntu

Hi, whenever I type Alt+` I get the Ubuntu window switcher instead of the blue console. Can there be another way of displaying FPS when using Ubuntu?

However, I’m surprised I can play html5 on Ubuntu lag less (lowest settings, highest draw distance).

I noticed Jagex changed the access to that blue console a few weeks/months ago. It’s been ` for a long time, now it’s alt+`. By the way, when I use Hikari’s Runescape app and use alt+`, Ubuntu still shows me a list of open windows but at the same time the app shows the blue console. It’s just the html5 version that does nothing on alt+`. But no way I’ll use the runescape gold java version on ubuntu, lol. it’s like <10 fps at all times on lowest settings.

I did some some searching on the internet and found a way to find ubuntu’s shortcuts, but alt+` wasn’t listed. So no way to disable it.Oh I hope it works. My (laptop) keyboard is german (qwerz) but I only use the US English (qwerty) layout (i got the english keyboard style in my head.when I change it to german layout it’ll work? How do i open the blue console on a german keyboard? Is it still alt+’ ? I’m on my smartphone right now, I’ll try it later

Nex glitch

Apparently her prayers don’t show up anymore.

The interim fix for everyone who is Nexing would be to watch the Target Information thing. If it’s disabled, you can move your mouse over her, and it will show up again, and thus you can see what she is praying. This is mostly important during the Zaros phase

Though personally I don’t like it and prefer the classic way.

was trio nex-ing for a few hours yesterday, Zaros is quite annoying having to hover over Nex to see the prayer.It’s not the end of the world, just a lot better if the prayers are displayed overhead.Yeah it’s not that big of an issue but still, there is a reason why I removed the target info thing (I find it annoying). Nevertheless, it’s not that big of an issue if you’re voice-communicating with your team-mates.

Plus, the prayer icons on the target info is much smaller than the actual prayer icons.

The runescape giant mole

Just wanted to make a quick Runescape 2007 Gold suggestions about the Giant Mole..
7 March 2006 Release Date
7 Years?

So i am pretty sure we can all agree that the Giant Mole is outdated and when ever i fight it, it will burrow and my screen will freeze for about a good 5-10 seconds before unfreezing again, i don’t know if this is just me.. But since i was going to report it i thought that i should just suggest that the Giant Mole gets an update with some better drops and even a better gameplay?

Perhaps make it the Mole King and increase it’s combat/techniques/level and maybe even add some minions to help defend the Mole King? Perhaps everytime it burrows a few moles come out and attack you before the King Mole re-appears? This would be far more satisfying than chasing it down and freezing everytime it burrows. :/

Tell me what you think and add on to it if you think this idea is great!
(Btw yes there is such thing as a Giant Mole.. its under falador, many people don’t know that)

Completely rework the runescape NIS

Jagex please rework the new interface. I understand your team put a lot of effort into it, but it’s terrible. Please take the amazing ideas from the forums and make them happen. I’m considering quitting RS for the first time ever. There needs to be change…I’m stuck watching my friends quit one by one.

Previous forum post named “List of RS 3 Gold interface faults”

The best way Jagex can improve the NIS would be to examine the interfaces that are out there on other online games. They can then see just how good a customizable interface system can be, and how badly that the RS interface compares. The best one that I know of out there is on a game called… eh lets say it rhymes with… drift.

It seems like a waste of everyone’s time, both us players, and the Jagex folks working on the NIS to go through all the forums, all the posts and whatnot, when the wheel has already been invented. Just look at what other games have created for interface customising and learn from it.

The current RS interface is so limited and clunky compared to whats out there. What is worse is one great thing RS had that was better, has been eliminated. Yes, i’m talkin about the great feature we had that was referred to as split private.

Private chat prevents public

For the past 3 days I have had problems with using private chat to send a message and then this prevents me from openning public chat again.
Also when I log into lobby none of my chat shows up in either fc or cc
Does anyone else have the same issue?
All these weeks after nis was introduced and we are still suffering friggin bugs.
Seriously getting tired and fed up with all the bugs no doubt like many others.
Come on jagex for christ sake please fix some of these, its rediculous.
It makes trying to get used to a new system horrible and frustrating

Was just talking with clan mates in lobby when all the chat dissapeared and I could no longer type anything in cc or fc
I am getting really off with this runescape gold game to be honest.
If i cant even talk to my freinds in the bloody lobby, what the heck is going on with this game?

The lobby chat system was broken about 3-4 months ago too. They did fix it a few weeks later, though the NIS update has clearly broke it again 0_o

From what I can tell, it works fine when you first log into the lobby (before you log into a world), but if you’re logging out from the world and into the lobby, it fails to work properly. Perhaps a temporary solution would be to log out all the way to the login screen, then enter the lobby that way (haven’t tested it, but in theory, it should work).

Runescape take bob option

Whilst making teleport tablets in my POH I noticed the “Take BoB” option doesn’t work the same as it used to. After clicking the option to “Make-All” tablets and then clicking the option “Take BoB” when the soft clay is nearly gone in my inventory it stops where the original inventory would have ended instead of keeping it going without having to click on the Lectern again and choosing the “Make-All” option.

Short story; it used to keep making them as long as there was soft clay in the ivent. and now you have click on the lectern a 2nd time and choose it again. Not sure if this is the case with offering bones on the gilded alter too or not. Well thanks again for trying to solve all the issues and making us Runescape 2007 Gold gamers happy!

Should we be allowed the ois

Before people start pointing fingers im not a change hater, ill never be that. i just simply dont like the NIS. ive tried to addopt and ive tried various different interface setting but nothing seems to pleace me. yes, the NIS looks fancy and fixes a few problems, but the old interface was good too. most people dont like the NIS, doesnt mean there anti-change, its there opinion. do you really want the same thing to happen as what happened when Runescape EOC was realesed? or when the wildy was removed?

so im asking as nicely as a can. please re-add the old interface into the game but by all means keep the new one. please jagex, just this once, do the right thing.

-a player with hope, duck sauce2.Most likely, glad you agree with me, if jagex doesnt act fast there will be a mass quting, oh wait, already happened.

Should we? Yes! Will we? No! We don’t even get asked if we want a choice any more.

Of course, the old interface should have been made customiseable and not simply replaced by unscaleable, ugly, obstructing, (I could go on… ) oblong boxes – some of which can’t even be closed after initialising.

Mass quitting huh – funny you mention that. I asked one of only two people on my FL earlier this evening where everyone was? Pee’d off with the NIS was the answer.Too many of my friends already quit and now this? It’s very sad and disheartening.
Fortunately I have a large enough monitor to shrink the 3d world and put all the boxes around and off of my playing area – apart from the EOC girly bar thingy. So I’m OK.

Is jagex even doing anything

About the glitched player HP bars? It really feels like they’re just saying “***** you” to all the PKers by leaving this crippling bug unpatched for such a long period of time. The bug was present in the NIS beta for quite a while (at least a month or 2) and they had to have known about it (anyone who spends 10 seconds fighting another player will see the bug) yet they decided to release Runescape 3 Gold anyway without patching it.

Now RS3 has been live for 2 weeks, and it is still unpatched. It’s disheartening to see them completely brush off a bug that is just killing PvP even more, especially when it should be a relatively simple fix… I mean, how hard is it to create a simple, functional health bar? They had it before, I don’t understand what possibly could have happened to cause it to become so bugged. I really enjoyed PKing before RS3, but now I don’t want to take the risk that an unreliable health bar will get me killed in the wildy.

As I post this, there is literally NOBODY PKing in W18 Edgeville. It would be nice to hear from Jagex if they’re actually making progress on fixing this, rather than just leaving us in the dark to wonder if such a crippling bug will ever be patched at all.

Red chat messages about levels

I keep getting red-colored messages in my chat box, telling me about random people’s level ups. Is there a way to turn these messages off? I wouldn’t complain about this, but I keep getting the same message sent to me 2-3 times in a row all at once every time someone accomplishes something.

I think it’s great that so-and-so got 120 dungeoneering. It’s great that so-and-so got 99 in whatever Runescape Gold skill. It’s great that so-and-so got a completionist cape. It’s great they managed to do all that. Good for them.

But I honestly couldn’t care less about the achievements of people I don’t know, and have never even heard of. These notifications are completely pointless to me, and due to the fact that they are getting sent to me multiple times for whatever reason, they’re really getting on my nerves.