Issues i’ve found out so far

1. If you allow the option to click through chat boxes and you haven’t locked the zoom option, while scrolling through chat, it zooms in and out at the same time.

2. Also by allowing to click through chat boxes, when I try to click for different tabs i.e. ‘All chat’, ‘Friends chat’ or ‘Clan chat’, it opens the chat alright, but it also clicks through it at the same time.

3. When trying to pm my friend, it doesn’t display the name in the bottom to whom I’m writing to.

4. Total xp isn’t showing properly, it just flasher for millisecond when hovering over total level.

5. The color we choose for private chat messages don’t apply for the ‘has logged out.’ or the ‘has logged in.’

6. Found out that quick prayer tab from action bar isn’t working correctly. When hovered over the tab, options on and off keep switching, making it luck based if prayers turn on/off.-Could this lead in to several ‘overflows’ too?

Things I myself have found:

1. When you hover over the prayer icon on the action bar, the options ‘spazz out’ for lack of better words. There is no way for me to activate my quick prayers by pressing the button anymore.

2. When I set a key to quick heal and press it with food in my inventory, it just tries to cure poison (I think). If that is what it means by heal, then please make it a bit more obvious.

3. In the trade chat window, the text overflows and looks very messy.

4. You can’t see your total xp, it only flashes at you then goes away.

5. There is no more equip interface in the bank… whether that one is accidental or not, I do not know.

6. When messaging someone in private chat with the new window, their name does not show up that you are sending a message to them, which often leads me to confusion of where my Runescape Gold message is really going (I don’t know if i hit the reply button or not).

Buff the killable NPC

As i’ve noticed the last couple of days, some monsters in RuneScape are way too easy to kill at the moment. Perhaps it is necessary to buff some high level monster (For example the “Skeletal Horror” and “Bork”.)
Before the Runescape EOC, these monster took a lot more effort to kill. Now it’s just three mouse clicks and you’re done.

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give them some special abilities to make the fights more interesting.There are so many monsters that were tough to kill before EOC, and are a piece of cake in EOC, so if you by any chance have time to take a look at them, it will make the fights a lot more interesting.

I don’t know if other people agree with me, or have anything else to add to this, comment for reaction.I’m not sure if I’ve done Bork in the EoC, but the Skeletal Horror seems fine. Honestly, it’s one of the monsters with the highest defense in the game, and if you don’t have level 80+ weapons you’ll never hit.

That said, yes, most monsters are now pretty easy. However, going over them all and revamping them would take a ridiculous amount of time.Should certain boss monsters be looked into and have their mechanics updated? Probably.Would it be worth the time and effort? Most likely not.

Free for all clan runescape wars

“I’d be bothered to go if the place wasn’t so dead.”

This is the general feeling most players have towards FFA Clan Wars.

Clan Wars once had a community so large, it was spread out amongst many different servers. Today, it is rare to see even 20-30 players at Clan Wars at any given time.

As a player who goes to Clan Wars on a daily basis, I know first-hand that the Clan Wars community has grown to dislike the minigame due to the lack of players and lack of rewards.

The Solution:

The solution to bringing the FFA portal back to life has no simple or easy fix.
We have to give the community a reason to go there, which would lead more players to go, thus creating a snowball effect of more and more players attending Clan Wars.


1. Make the FFA Safe Portal like the Clan Citadel.
This means that regardless of what world you enter Clan Wars, you would be able to fight people who entered the portal from different worlds. This would also apply to Red Portal.
This has an added benefit, seeing as it would make Red Portal luring much harder.

I’ve gone to the Safe-Portal on World 2.
A friend of mine has also gone to the Safe-Portal, but did so in World 18.
We would both be in the same portal and be able to see each other, regardless of what world we were in previously.

2. A reward system for Clan Wars.

Some ideas on how this could be accomplished:
Note: These are just some ideas, I’m just hoping for some form of reward system.
a) Make Random Boss-Monsters that spawn every few hours in the White/Red Portals. These Monsters would be located near the back of the portal. They would drop unique items that are only to be obtained if you’ve dealt a certain amount of damage and stayed in combat for a set period of time. The Red Portal will also have this, with a much higher rate of obtaining one of the unique items.

b) Make a system for points based on kills in the FFA portals. To avoid Runescape 3 Gold players camping weaker levels, points will be based on the combat level of the player you kill. With each kill of the same player, the amount of points you get is lowered. This will cause players to have to kill different players for points, rather than focusing on one single lower leveled player.

There will be Reward Shop with unique Potions that are only to be used in the FFA portals. There will also be unique buffs(much like the crystals in the fight kiln), amongst other beneficial items. Perhaps a mini-game armor set for Clan Wars?

Ideas Continued…

To add a bit more fun into Clan Wars…

3) Juggernaut
This will be a random buff that is given to a player every so often. During this period, the player will have a small boost in stats, specifically in defense and constitution. The player will also have the cool-down timer of a few abilities lowered, such as defense abilities.

4) Updating Clan Wars so it’s not all multi.

Clan Wars should have both single and multi-zones. The area close to the barrier would be a Single-Way combat zone, while the areas that are more north would be Multi. Another fix for this, is to make the ‘single zone combat’ ability work for Clan Wars, not just the Wilderness.


A small amount of experience should given based off of the amount of damage you have done to your enemy. Nothing too insane, but something that matches a lower leveled training method. There will be a maximum amount of exp you can get from any one player. This is to prevent the use of spamming food in order to get large amounts of exp.

6) Ability cool-downs on death.

When you have died, all abilities should have cooled-down upon re-entering the portal.

Juju mining potion eddect

Hey, i wanne talk about the update they did with the juju mining potions.
i know divination got a option to bank ores, ect but i would realy like to have back the old effect of the juju mining potions.

Take it as 2 way’s u can bank your ore’s autmoticly.
one have the requirements to hunt and mix the potion.
or get high divination to get acces to portens.

New runescape suggestions to rs cumminty

Hello everyone, would you like sone awesome improvements to make runescape very cool, well i have good news to you and the jegex cumminty. my suggestion to it build up more players house improvements like adding in new customs house parties and to build better bar areas and etc…

Dear jegex team
if you are reading this show me that do you really care for the fello players, and listen to me about some ideas that i thought about and to help build the rs cumminty and to know more ideas from me and probably from other Runescape 2007 Gold players if they tell me anything useful. i really would like you to speak to me about these ideas.

From: kingbenny
i hope you all agree to this and wish me a happy birthday thats coming up on August 31st

A few simple runescape suggestions

Gonna try to keep this condensed and to the point, and attempt to keep negativity out. Here’s a list of suggestions that I feel would help dramatically with the skill.

1. Keep the Xp the same. It’s good, the skill itself needs a few tweaks is all.

2. New colours for the Wisps. This seems so stupid and pointless, but it will make a difference.

3. Make the Wisps last longer. Cut back on some of the spawns and make them last slightly longer, perhaps cut their roam ranges back a tad bit.

4. Chronicle Fragments.. Make these per Runescape 3 Gold player, (Think bonfire spirits)

5. Change how the enriched springs spawn, I think it would be better if they spawned after a certain amount of people were on a wisp. Though this might be overpowered. Though they shouldn’t be based on times, in my opinion.. they should be random at the least.

6. Add some distractions, (Think Runesphere at the ‘span, or Evil Tree) I’m not saying copy them, but something that will break up the monotone training. Because it is just that at current, monotone.

7. Add an option to keep our selection when depositing memories into the rift.

8. Incorporate some lore into the skill. This is one thing I was very much so, looking forward to. And there seems to be next to no lore in this. It would be awesome to see this added.

9. Let us create something with the energies that allows us to teleport back to the wisp areas. Example: 300 energies for base teleport, 100 energies for each charge afterwards. Or something of the sort.

If I think of anymore, I’ll edit them in! Thanks for reading. Hope I kept it condensed enough and free of negativity.

I’m scared of runescape skilling

Hey Can Any Mod Help Me , I’M Just Scared Of Skilling Or Cb , I Just Change every skill every 30 mins , coz im scared of u guyz think im botting , i just skill and Runescape Gold play on mobile or something like that while skilling , im just scared i get banned , i allways talk while skilling , change skills every 30 mins , but that makes it harder …… please mods help?

Don’t worry 07 Amz, im positive that just by doing the same thing for more then 30 minutes, the system won’t think you’re botting. The methods JaGeX uses for detecting bots is way more clever then just tracking what a player is doing.

Also, you are in the wrong forum with this “question”.

Local chat doesn’t turn off

Bug or not?

On NIS launch none of the local chat would show as ‘over the head’ -chat for me (except for some npc’s, like familiars’).

Since couple weeks ago I have the ‘over the head’ chat back, but now I can’t turn it off. Turning local chat off prevents the chat messages from appearing in the chat window, but they still show in the Runescape Gold game screen.

I’ve dug through forums and game guides, and while I have found other some other people reporting this issue, I haven’t found a confirmation as to it being a bug. (Which I sincerely hope it is, because I *really* want to hide the chat sometimes.)

Runescape EOC “old school” familiarity

I’m going to keep this thread short and briefly explain why I think EoC did not turn out to be much of a success (if at all?). I’ll also offer some easy changes that I believe could bring back some “Old School” feel that many players appreciate and know.

First, it should be common knowledge that humans resist change. This is not the same thing as saying “change is bad.” However,Runescape EoC brought on too many changes in too short a period of time! Yes, a Beta was offered to become familiar with EoC, but what percentage of the player base actually logged onto the Beta? I would bet that a large portion did not. EoC should have been rolled out in smaller phases, as to not “shock” the playerbase with change.

Some easy things that could bring back some “old school” familiarity:

1) Increase the cooldown on abilities! Basic attacks don’t even matter when you can button smash abilities every second! This will also bring back the importance that weapon speed used to have in Old School.

2) Bring back weapon specs! Weapons are so generic now. Special attacks used to make a weapon more interesting and fun to use. I suspect Pker’s will also like the re-addition of weapon specs.

3) Add some importance to the Strength stat. I can’t believe Strength has not been updated to have more of an impact yet. Strength used to be one of the most important combat skills to train, now what does it do? I don’t understand how Jagex could miss this. Players work hard to train combat skills, and EoC made combat skills less relevant. Think of the player who worked hard training combat skills before EoC, to only find out that the combat skills aren’t nearly as important in EoC. Encouraging right?

Anyway, sorry if I vented a bit. I think Jagex is ambitious, but seem to lack some common sense when rolling out certain changes. I believe these 3 changes I proposed should make EoC a bit better.

Ahoy cap’n, i’ll say why i agree with all your points:
1) Increase the cooldown on abilities! Basically, the fact that you can spam abilities every second makes the speed stat useless, why use a weapon that hits faster but hits less than one that has slowest speed and hits very high if the ability speed is the same for both? Makes no sense to me…
2) Bring back weapon specs! I agree that weapons are generic now. There should be an ability with high cooldown called “special attack” or “weapon special” that varies from one weapon to another.Bring back the dds special!
3) Add some importance to the Strength stat.Cant say much about this, but i agree, and maybe there should be some notification saying “bonus damage from strenght skill” or something like that, same for all other combat skills.

Bring back seren

I’ve thought of a few ways to bring back the Goddess Seren, Goddess of the Elves, Harmony and Growth.


She’s epic, ’nuff said. One of the few female runescape gold(desses), and was, ‘At her strongest, tier 2, along with Guthix and Zaros’.

Possible way to bring her back:
Elven Storyline Continuation. She’s the Goddess of Growth/Harmony.. And also the Elves. She plays a massive part in the lore behind the Elves, and it’s said she turned into shards of crystal scattered throughout the elven lands. It is also believed that, if the crystal should be gathered together, she would be brought back.

To build upon that, she is also hinted at being the divine aspect of the Anima Mundi, or the ‘Soul of the Earth’. After the world-shattering event of Guthix’s death at Sliske’s hands, the world was said to have been fundamentally damaged. With her being so in-tune with the world, it would be a definite possibility that this would be enough to get her active once more, or, at the very least, should we re-assemble the crystal, give her the motivation to come back to Gielinor.

Interestingly, the Spirit Trees were said to have been linked to the Anima Mundi, unable to function without its power. Along those lines, they could potentially imbue you with their power temporarily (or permanently, resulting in their deaths). This would give you the ability to gather the shards of Seren back together magically, with their power being the spark to get her going. If it resulted in their death, she could also reward them with life again.

Another thought along those lines, the trees could also unlock some of the power Guthix gave to you, giving you the same power as they would have if they sacrificed themselves.

What do you guys think? Some definite possibilities for potential future updates to bring back Seren?