Do You Guys Have Any Advice for Gearing To Proceed Forward in PoE

Hello, so I recently started playing the game a few days ago and im currently on Act 4, level 34. Im going for a dual sword duelist. Ive been getting past everything so far with double strike spam but ive started to notice at the end of act 3, I got my ass handed to me like 4 times and I never died before hand, also in the new act, most rare’s just beat by ass. I feel like its an issue with my gear, but I dont know what to gear exactly. Do you guys have any advice or guys for gearing or tips to proceed forward? If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

Gearing in PoE

The game is complex and there are alot of things to learn. Towards the end of A3 is when incoming damage starts to ramp up, both in elemental form and physical (A4 primarily) so you dying a bit should be quite ordinary. The game teaches you about the importance of resistances, such as zones featuring monsters dealing cold damage (Merveil’s caverns) prior to a boss dealing cold damage, the same goes for fire damage in Kaom’s area and the other damage types.

With a large enough health pool and/or experience resistances can be skipped or skimped on but as a new player you’ll be in for a frustrating time if you ignore them as the game is effectively designed around you having capped elemental resistances towards the end of A5. I know since its my first character I should get a feel for the game even if I make mistakes but I feel like since I have no idea how to gear up even though im still leveling up.

Couldnt figure out all the modifier stuff but those are the base items. Also when should I start worrying about gear that I should keep as well? I keep seeing the Headhunter belt in videos and im assuming its something I need but is it something I should start looking into now since its level 40 or is that unrealistic and more for endgame once im 80?

Summarize all my questions

  • When should I worry about keeping gear and modifying it with links, etc?
  • Is my current character week based on the link I provided or am I just playing him wrong?
  • Is headhunter belt something I can start going for at my current level (34) or something I should worry about later?
  • Should I use double or dual strike?
  • Any help/info would be appreciated

Crafting The Perfect Dungeon In PoE Incursion League

Do you know you can travel through time to craft the perfect dungeon in PoE Incursion League? As we all know that the new expansion, which launches on June 1.

It has the speed of Breach with a deep strategic layer evocative of Bestiary. Oh, and you also can screw with the time continuum, u4gm looks forward to its arrival just like you.

Back to the Future

Incursion focuses entirely on an ancient Vaal treasure temple called Atzoatl that was lost after the Vaal Cataclysm. No one knows where to find it, but a new character called Alva Valai has a hypothesis on how to uncover its location. As players enter each new area during a regular campaign, they’ll encounter Alva standing next to some Vaal marker stones.

Incursion League

If you talk to her, she’ll offer to use these stones to send you to the temple as it existed in the past. In doing so, you’ll gradually reveal the location of the temple as it exists in the present.

These incursions send you into a random room within Atzoatl in the past where you’ll only have a limited amount of time to kill all the monsters found there. Each kill grants you more time, but you’re still going to need to move as fast as you can. Because this section is so time-intensive, there’s no need to worry about picking up items or managing your inventory.

A bar on the bottom of the screen tracks your progress toward killing every monster in the area and, once the timer runs out and you’re sent back to the present, all the items you would have accumulated spill out in one glorious fountain of loot.

The architect in the room

That’s still just scraping the surface of how you can shape Atzoatl’s present-day version, however. When looking at the map that Alva shows the player, each room of the temple has a function that might be of interest to them. “Every room has things that it adds to the temple,” Wilson explains. He mentions a Vaal breeding grounds room, which increases the density of monster packs around the present-day temple. That’s a good thing because more monsters means more killing.

Like passages, players have agency over which rooms spawn in their version of Atzoatl, too. In the past, each room you enter has two architects that are competing with one another to shape the room according to their design.

If I enter the Vaal breeding grounds, for example, and kill the associated architect, the competing architect has free reign to transform the room into whatever his specialty is. If, however, I kill that competing architect instead, the Vaal breeding ground architect will upgrade that room, making it a tier two version with stronger effects – in this case even greater monster density. Each of these rooms can be upgraded three times in this way.

Bow Scion – Need Help Picking 2nd Ascendancy in PoE

I’m starting act 10 and I need help picking my 2nd ascendancy. I went with deadeye for my first one and im not sure what to pick for the second. I use tornado shot for clearing and barrage on bosses.

poe builds

Im currently using a doomfletch prism and im not sure if I will ever switch to something else. According to POB, I lose massive damage switching to any other unique bow. Im trying to take crit nodes now as crit seems to provide way more DPS than non-crit.


  • Pros : Overleech is great. Culling strike is a nice bonus.
  • Cons : Extra AOE doesnt affect either tornado shot or barrage. No reflected physical damage is meh considering that most of my damage comes from elemental damage anyway.


  • Pros : Extra base critical strike, passive power charge generation is great. Increased move speed helps when clearing.
  • Cons : No reflected damage from crit strikes is pointless since you will still die to reflected damage from the occasional non-crit anyway. 40% chance to poison seems pointless as I have been told you need to go full assassin to make poison damage work.


  • Pros : 20% more elemental damage is great, so is immune to elemental reflect.
  • Cons : 40% increased effect of heralds seems very vauge, i cant tell if it buffs the AOE damage only or also the damage to each hit you do. Being able to summon 1 more golem seems pointless since i am not specced for minions and keeping golems alive seems very hard unless you spec for minions.

I would like to do as many map mods as possible as i hate re-rolling maps. Any suggestions? Do you want to poe currency purchase? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

How To Successfully Build Your First PoE Character

In Path of Exile, are you a new player? If your answer is yes, I guess you may have doubts though on building your first character. You may don’t feel like you know what you are doing.

Here are some brief tips that I hope will help you, meanwhile, bear in mind that keeping an eye on poe currency purchase is not a bad thing for you:

Path of Exile

1. 100% follow a guide and a good one to start the game, and generally don’t go to nuts going away from it. This game has a lot of stacking mechanics that can make what seems like a better option not actually work out that way.

2. As you go through a good guide and character you will grasp a lot of things that will really help from there. If you go it alone just be willing to know your first couple characters will likely hit walls in the game you just can’t get over and you will be hard pressed to figure out why that happens.

3. Definitely go for league starter I like to try to find HC SSF because you know that will be safe but any SSF is a great idea for a starter build.

4. If you’re gonna get frustrated/discouraged when your first builds hit progression walls and you have to start over, follow a guide.

5. If you want the challenge of making your own build and don’t mind investing the time into the (very steep) learning curve then make your own.

6. Do what you like but following a build guide is a great idea untill you understand how building works therres a guild out for basicly 80% of the things you want and will help cut a lot of pain trying to gdt damege out later on.

7. And note fyi if ur dieing try to get your resistances to 75% expect chaos that’s majority of the issue in any build.

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides.

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PoE – Brain Deadest Tanky and Single Target Build for Flashback

I just want to walk through maps without worrying really. Farm up a bunch of currency and what not from all the crazy league mods. I was thinking either Shield Charge-Discharge, Jugg RF, Mjolner(?).

Mostly it depends on what kind of character you want to play. Hopefully its cheap/able to be league started as well, Jugg RF with Anime guardian Dyadus seems to be the leading pick right now though. So you want it to be :

1) low budget for league start

2) super tanky

3) high clear speed

4) great single target

This is just never going to exist. You’re going to have to sacrifice 1 of those in any top tier build, 2 for a mid tier or niche build. There isn’t a holy grail build that can do all content on a 50c budget at high speed.

Some top meta picks for example:

Tornado shot
High speed, decent single target, can start out low budget and keep investing, not tanky at all.

Autobomber / discharge
Insane clear speed, fairly low budget to get started, medium-low tankiness / survivability, basically zero single target.

Jugg RF
Low clear speed, super tanky, medium-low budget, medium but unkillable single target.

Varies a bit per ascendancy, but ranges from good to top tier clear speed, pretty tanky to insanely tanky, decent to solid single target, and pretty high starting cost no matter what since you need a shavs and decent gear to not suck.

Gc totems / mines
Low clear speed, high survivability, low budget, insane single target.

Frost blades / molten strike: good clear speed, good single target, low budget to start with possible investment, usually quite squishy. These are all solid options, though obviously more meta picks. I’m not familiar with the animate guardian build you’re talking about but if it looks fun just play that! The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe buy currency from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.