EA server problems on PS4, Xbox one and other consoles

Yesterday as reported, the FIFA 15 coins servers went down again at the moment when EA delivered the FUT 15 TOTW. Players should have been angered at that, because they are continuing reporting the EA server problems on PS4, Xbox one and other consoles. However, the problems have never been fixed out. EA didn’t make any official statement to the server problems.FIFA 15

This week, during the release of TOTW, the FIFA 15 servers down again. How could it be? If you checked to see, then you would notice the Ultimate Team server status isn’t looking too good. Reports have arrived on website, as well as Twitter with loads of complaining about connection issues every few minutes.

That do makes FIFA player furious. One players mentioned, “I can’t get on my FIFA game, there was a problem with online squad.” Another stated, “ There must be FIFA 15 maintenance again, but after looking on official channels nothing is listed for March 25.”

There wasn’t any planned server maintenance, so it seemed that the servers down without planning. But there is another states that the server issues have been rectified. If you still have issues, let us know.

Let’s see some exciting news. There has been new features added to the FIFA 15 mobile app and bug fixes. An update for FUT 15 on Windows and Windows Phone has just been released, and with it comes all the updated player rosters following the closure of the January transfer window for the big leagues in Europe, in addition to stability improvements to the connection of the app to EA servers.

In other news, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW is available for challenging now. You mobile players can test out the new features and others can rock the Ultimate Team right now.

FIFA TOTY Tips and Tricks Learning

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FIFA Dribbling
Dear player, try to master at least two dribble skills. Practice them in the arena until you can do them in all directions. Note that you have to use R / RS in the direction your player is looking for him to make the skill.

After you have mastered two, you should do them not too often throughout the game. Do one and pass. Do the other one and pass. When you get close to the goal, shoot. Try to shoot whenever the way is free. This will give your team an emotional boost and make them play better. Do not try too hard and shoot when you think it will be a goal 100%. Try to shoot whenever you can.

FIFA Shooting
In FIFA 15 the finesse shot is back and better to attempt than the normal shot without pressing any other button than B / CIRCLE.

Do not hold the shoot button too long as well because he will shoot the ball to the stars.

FIFA Tactics
Some tactics you can use is. Fine tune your direction with the L / LS joystick. Minimal direction turning will drastically better your performance in dribbling and passing an attacker. You should have a good balance between passing and keeping the ball.

A nice trick I like to use is hogging the ball as long as you can so your opponent gets agitated. In FIFA 15 it is really easy for noobs to shoot goals in the last minute and even make you lose the game when you have done all the work.

Ultimate Tricks:Keep playing safe and keep passing the ball.
Another thing you need to take care of with runners is that you need to use B / CIRCLE to pull or push the opponents. Most of the time referees do not see that and you can get away with it.

Be Rich in FIFA Ultimate Team 15

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What do you need in order to get rich on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after all? This is an important question because if you don’t follow the basic requirements, you might never be able to build your dream team.Here’s what’s really indispensable:

Time is money everywhere. It’s not different on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. You’ll need enough free time to keep up with the market. The more time you have, potentially more chances there are for you to earn many coins.

Hard Word
This is a fact: 90% of players who look for these kinds of articles are after some magical solution for their financial problems. Many won’t get past this phase because they’re not willing to work hard.

Patience, you gotta be patient. You won’t get rich tomorrow or the day after that. Many of the methods that are used to earn coins require you to be very patient. All the rich FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players also started from the bottom.

Market Knowledge
Knowing the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team market is so very important. Use databases or add several cards to your transfer targets in order to monitorize their behaviour. Knowledge is power.

Tricks to Investment and Earn Profit in FUT 15

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We know the FIFA 15 UT Transfer market is equal to Search Gold Player, through several days’ research and practice, my asset value over 100% to this week, here I have some earn FIFA 15 Coins experience to share with you.

Investment Principles
A positive attitude!
Our goal is to resist FUT inflation, first hedge, then the value!
As you know FUT World is doomed to be inflation, and the proportion of inflation is much greater than the tax rate of 5%. So do not keep cash, only merchandise, when you need cash, the goods into cash at any time. For investment, the core of our discussion is “profit” rather than the market price (under the premise of without considering the tax rate, choose the most profitable goods).

Core View
To think of FUT Transfer market as the stock market, choose the security properties of commodity as stock trading. “Chemical Card” and “Location Card” is a good investment choices. It is very big risk for fry the player, and the high frequency of open card is not conducive to the hype.

There are 4 sections of FUT transfer market: Players, Consumables, Club Items, Staff.
Club Items and Staff belong to durable goods, low appreciation of space, not considered.
Players, believe many people still think that the main worth of investment is Players, personal do not deny this view, but you should know the same players will not to be saved in your club at the same time, that the quota of transfer market limits the investments, and the players with high prices, these are impact of the maximum conversion of your profitability.

Consumables, this is the best choose, the core reason it is the consumables, and not limit stored in your club, so in theory, no matter you have a number of coins can be converted into consumable.

Last, hope these can help you earn much coins in the game, first investment is very important. If you lack of the FIFA coins, fifa15-coins.com can provide you with cheap fifa 15 coins safe and fast.

Make FIFA 15 Coins by TOTW Prediction Week 10 for Buy/Sell Players

In the 2014 hottest and most popular game FIFA 15, there are many ways to make FIFA 15 coins. Today we will show you how to make FIFA 15 coins by TOTW prediction to buy and sell players.

The Golden Principle:
1).You can improve the market demand by exposure: As long as the players are selected as the one of the TOTW, his exposure is increased greatly. Once the exposure is increased, the market demand for him will also be multiplied.
2).The supply of the market is reduced: This week, you can not get non-rare card and rare card. But you are more likely to get the TOTW card. I have said above that exposure will increase his market demand. If the demand is increased, the supply will be decreased.

Operational procedures:
1. The weekly selected players are most likely to be members of TOTW. But the price should not be too high. If we predict the players wrongly, we will suffer great losses.
2. After you have chosen a target, do not buy immediately. You need a stable market price of target players. Because the players price will rise quickly if the players make a good performance in practical matches. Generally speaking, the price fluctuation will last less than a day. When the price of players is stable, it is the best time to buy it.
3. The situation encountered is that you can buy the players with 1500, while the lowest price in the market is 2000. No worry, as long as you follow the contract for difference + 600, you can show the price of players with 2600. That means you can earn 600 pre-tax.
4. The shipping peak is on the weekend. As we all know, most players have free time on the weekend.

TOTW prediction-week 10
Rui Patrício – GK – 80 OVR

Juanfran – RB – 79 OVR
Kamil Glik – CB – 79 OVR
Fabian Sch?r – CB – 75 OVR
H?vard Nordtveit – CB – 75 OVR

Arjen Robben – RW – 90 OVR
Xherdan Shaqiri – CAM – 80 OVR
Grzegorz Krychowiak – CDM – 79 OVR

Burak Y?lmaz – ST – 77 OVR
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar – ST – 84 OVR
Danny Welbeck – ST – 78 OVR

fifa 15 TOTW week 10

Great FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Match Examination

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Lovers of FIFA should certainly concentrate considering that EA games has handled to repair some thing which wasn’t broke and in addition have now put together most likely the top soccer game that i have ever performed. FIFA 15 has grown to be reduce almost all of the annoying parts of FIFA and it’s got extra supplemental benefits which are in all likelihood to buy FIFA 15 coins and you also just busy with the adhering to handful of times.

FIFA 15 has controls which might be tremendously responsive and precise. The players also buy FIFA 15 coins and transfer about without issues and likewise the capturing is rather accurate, a single disappointment I have using the capturing nevertheless stands out as the fact that a result of the continual moaning by some people players of ways effective the nick shot was its now happened pretty a redundant shot which is now not so accurate.

The overall sport enjoy will buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and have a tiny of getting to be accustomed to and at first I stumbled on it very hard to attain as the defenders are usually harder to obtain passed than prior game titles. I on top of that learned which the oppositions attacking plays were not merely like they did not makes a number of operates. This brought to several of my commencing matches winding up – draws.

In case you do get accustomed on the total match when you will start out to buy FIFA 15 coins and revel around the overall activity a lot of scoring plans really should not be thought to be a problem. It required us a complete time on job method just before I really received through the absolutely free kick in conjunction with a corner. Following level I found out myself scoring them really typically, and so i think it is really dependent on just growing to be accustomed towards the ways getting utilized and just how one can buy FIFA 15 coins and set them into action appropriately.

Amongst the principal many advantages of FIFA more than its rivals could it be has certified group names and players. You will have the chance to opt for your favorite teams alongside one another with the preferred players and admire the typical which matches into forming them so practical. You’ll find also 100s of teams to buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and choose from and you simply could engage in because the sizeable domestic named teams or modest teams that quite couple of have appear across.

Just one point which i detest with numerous sporting pursuits could be the crowd and precisely how they seem. FIFA soccer 15 isn’t going to fully grasp this properly like a range of other video games and likewise the gang all surface to decorate precisely the identical and absolutely stand up and sit cheaper all through similar time frame. This really is simply a small grievance but each time a great deal of video games could make superb and frequently magnificent gaming skillsets then set some energy in when planning every person else.

Tips and Tricks to Win Matches in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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Whatever be the match you play with your FUT 15 club, you will always receive some coins as a reward for participation and for your performance. This is true to offline and online matches, in tournaments or seasons match. Read the rest of the article to know the best way to win matches in FUT 15.

Have reserve squads and players ready
We would suggest that having a strong squad of around 20 players is essential. Get the best and high-ranked players of your squad in your starting eleven. Choose the second tops for the bench. Not only will this keep your squad fresh and fighting fit it will also allow you to have a play around with different starting 11′s and keep the game enjoyable. If you played with the same 11 every game, then you would pick up injuries, have to spend lots of fitness and morale boosting cards. By resting a player or rotating your squad you won’t have to spend money on fitness boosting cards which, leaves you more to spend on the players you are chasing the market.

Choose the best formation
Choose the best formation that you are more comfortable with. Usually default formations of the big teams are good by default, but feel free to change your formation as many times as you want even during the game.

Customize your tactics
Save your custom formations and tactics so you know where and how your men should play. Select these pre-match and fill the slots with your best players so that you can kick-off safe in the knowledge that when you pass the ball out wide your tricky winger will be there to collect it rather than watch it roll out of play.

Know when to access Match Day
Match Day is an integration feature that updates the stats of your players based on their current performance in real life. So if you choose to make use of this system, make sure to check the form of your team prior to activation. Time these integrations correctly, however, and watch as your players are always in the best of form.

Don’t quit matches
The more matches you quit, the more your DNF modifier will increase and will result in you receiving fewer coins per match. In the long run, all your efforts will result in worse quality teams as you won’t be able to afford the superstars!By the way, you can also buy FIFA 15 coins from fifa15-coins.com. Enjoy the game!

Buy FIFA 15 Coin with Paypal to Celebrate the FIFA 15 PS4 bundle

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FIFA 15 has released for a month on PS ,XBOX PC as well as mobile version like Android and IOS. Now here comes a good news for FIFA 15 PS 4 players that Sony Console revealed a bundle that can give you a big bargain. Read on to learn about the bundle and make preparations for your FIFA 15.

Sony UK has officially announced the new console bundle which includes two most popular titles and FIFA 15 and minecraft PS4 which means you can buy a cheaper FIFA 15 PS4 as well as another game. The bundle is now available for purchase for a limited time. The pricing of the same is at 350 UK pounds and is found on the Amazon website in the country. If you are just right playing both games, this must be a really good news. If not, you can also share the other game with your friends either way.

Fifa15-coins is a trusted and reputed FIFA 15 coins online supplier. Whether you have ever played FIFA before or not, one thing is for sure that FIFA 15 coins are very consuming. What you should do to get prepared for FIFA 15 is finding a trusted and reputed online site for coins supply. It’s wise if you choose fifa15-coins because it provides cheapt FIFA 15 coins as well as fast delivery guaranteed.

The key reason for buying FIFA 15 Coins


The first advantage of obtaining FIFA 15 coins is that you may likely accumulate most of the FIFA coins you would like even as your bank account will restrict. Just after you possess enough finances and you also will find some merchants with sufficient inventory, you can easlily select FIFA ultimate team coins from their save right after which obtain all facts in farmville.

It can be completely successful if you decide to choose FIFA ultimate team coins. Expended some real daily life wealth and procure the FIFA coins. You can find not any fashion where ensures the successes to make FIFA coins. You are going to have the FIFA ultimate team coins promptly. What this means is that you can to invest in the club as lengthy as you go with to get FIFA ultimate team coins. Obtain FIFA coins is definitely the best way to use to create you a large number of FIFA coins.

You’ll be able to uncover individuals who present cheaper FIFA ultimate team coins on-line. But a considerable number of them would probably be not truthful and can cheat you. It is suggested to obtain FIFA coins choosing the set up and seasoned in-game gold providers.

There’s nonetheless the ethical main problem which is it good to realize the benefits within the other players purely seeing that getting FIFA coins?

Get FIFA ultimate team coins is simple, simple, swift and successful. You can easily accumulate a never-ending quantity of FIFA coins theoretically. If income is not an situation, then try to actually purchase FIFA coins in any other case, you will discover still many beneficial options in order to make FIFA ultimate team coins web-based. You can still shop for FIFA coins and make the best synergy!

How to Improve Your Defense at FIFA 15

How to Improve Your Defense at FIFA 15

When playing FIFA 15, it’s not just about how you attack and score, but also about how you defend and protect your goal. A successful counter attack starts with an effective defending effort. Here in this FIFA 15 defending guide, you will find some defending strategies and tactics which help you to protect your goal and win a FIFA 15 game.

For more help on FIFA 15, read our latest FIFA 15 Guide: Tips to Score More FIFA 15 GoalsFarming Extra Coins in FIFA 15Essential Tips For All New FIFA15FIFA 15 Coins VIP System Instruction.

Your Best Defenders

Before you go to the game, you need to choose your best defenders for your starting eleven. Choose the ones with highest player ratings. Remember, defending (DEF), tackling (TAC), sprinting (SPR) and heading (HEA) are the key attributes as for the player ratings in terms of defending. Choose 4 or 5 of your best defenders with highest rating. My suggestion is to put players with better heading and tackling in Center Back (CB). Then choose the ones with better tackling trait on the sides (Left Back and Right Back).

Don’t forget that your midfielders also will help your defenders to prevent attacks. So, choosing the mid-field players with top DEF attributes will improve your defensive skills on the pitch. Having a few Defensive Midfielders in your starting eleven is a good choice, if you don’t want to have them in your starting eleven, it is recommended to keep them on your bench for critical situations.

Best Defensive Formation

It matters how many defenders you have in your defensive line, but what matters more, is how you’re going to manage your defense when your opponent is attacking to your goal. You need to engage all of players to prevent receiving goals, not only your defenders. Even your strikers should be involved with defending efforts. Therefore, you need to go for a formation that makes YOU comfortable to block your opponent’s attacks.

I would suggest you to go for 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2 or 5-3-2 as these formations are more dynamic to switch between defense and attack mode. But again, you need to find yours ‘Best Formation.(Best FIFA 15 Formations Tips)

Know Your Weak Points

After forming up your team, you need to see how it works and what is your weakness. Go and play offline and online matches – For online games, I would suggest you to play unranked/friendly matches especially when you’re in Seasons or FUT 15 mode.

Do not ignore paying attentions to your weak points. Take note of the ways you receive goals. Whether it’s through a header from a cross, or a direct shot, the point is to recognise the holes in your defense and fix them. Figure out what causes you to receive goals, is it a silly mistake or it’s your lack of defending skills? Put them down altogether and make a checklist of it so you can go through them and fix them one by one. That is a key point for improving your defensive skills.

Man-to-man Battles

Try to win the most of man-to-man battles happening on the pitch. Block your opponent’s dribbling with short tackles, do slide tackles only when you are sure that you’re going to touch the ball not his legs.

Being patient is the key. Don’t get stressed. Even when your opponent’s attackers running to your goal with more players than your defenders, you don’t need to be stressed and confused. The only thing at that moment would help, is your ability to manage such a situation. Try to give your opponent a hard time, make them confused and narrow down their choices. Remember the time is crucial for them, and you need to buy time to ruin their attack. Focus on man to man battles and do short tackles to the players who carry the ball, and block off the ball players as well.

Do jockey to get other defenders involved to the situation. Sometimes, you need to just contain other players and go yourself to a player who is off the ball but is in a better situation to score. Sometimes, you actually don’t need to do anything, remember the CPU is controlling your defenders all the time and usually it’s doing a better job than you would do! So if you leave them to do the defending by themselves, you might finish up with a better result.

Win the One-on-one Situations

If you happened to have a striker running on the ball towards your goal with only your goalkeeper as a defender, you should be able to manage the situation to prevent a goal. The best way to do this is to make your opponent confused. As the attacker runs out of time (since most probably your defenders are running back to him), it would be a good solution to make him not come up with a decision. How? Maybe you can bring your goalie forward, but this method doesn’t always work, because the striker can make an easy goal by a simple cheap shot. So, the point is to make the striker unsure for what he is going to do. I usually bring my goalie halfway out to make striker confused. Most of the times it works. I bring the keeper off the line, but not very far from the goal post, so my opponent thinks that I’m gonna bring him all the way to go to his legs, so he makes a choice by either having a strong shot or a cheap shot – which usually neither of them is successful as my goalie isn’t far from the goal.