PoE – High Quality Rare Items Like Chaos Would Drop More Frequently with IIR than IIQ

Slipperyjim’s test has enough data to be interesting, but there are too many confounding factors and missing elements to the study to draw strong conclusions. Here are some ways it could be improved to give us much stronger evidence and rule out other causes. Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

poe tips

1. Run all the maps white. Alch-and-go introduces a lot of variance in the test. If they aren’t run white, we need to know the iir, iiq, and packsize of every map so we have a chance to correct for those factors. Additionally, it’s important to record any mods that affect pack composition or externally effect packsize like nemesis, beyond, %more magic, %more rare.

2. No prophesies. I think he controlled for this.

3. Pick up ALL currency, including wisdoms and portals. They give a lot of data about the overall amount of currency dropping. It’s possible that IIQ isn’t working at all or isn’t working on white mobs and all we’re observing is RNG in which particular orbs drop.

4. Pick up ALL divination cards. They’re currency too.

5. Skip all breaches, abysses, and boxes. They may have different drop rules and can contaminate the examples. From the spreadsheet view, it looks like he may have encountered a lot more breaches in the IIR runs and breaches drop a ton of currency. Alternatively, record how many breaches and how many abysses were opened on every map.

6. Also test with 0 IIQ and 0 IIR. As mentioned before, it’s possible that IIQ simply isn’t working or isn’t working on white mobs. It’s also possible that IIR has been changed to give hidden quantity to currency drops (say at a 1/3 rate or so). This could easily be tested if we had a 0/0 baseline.

7. If vendoring items, don’t include the orbs you get from the vendor in the sample. I’m guessing he did this correctly, but am not sure. IIR should give a lot more uniques and rares that will vendor for alchs and that’ll contaminate the sample.

Also, if you’re doing alch-and-go, you need to record a bunch of mods that can have a big hidden effect on pack size and composition. Need to pick up every div card too. Skip boxes.

PoE – IIQ and IIR Dropped the Same Distributions of Currency

So I watched slipperjim8’s video on IIQ vs. IIR, where he ran 500 maps at 1) 90% quantity, 0% rarity, and 2) 0% quantity, 270% rarity. He definitely seemed pretty thorough, but I wanted definite proof of his claim. U4GM.com as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe trade currency with instant delivery.

path of exile

Match Warning
I’m not great at this, but I performed a chi-square test on his data for the currency drops to determine if there was a statistical difference between the two drop rates. Essentially, this test returns a value that tells us how far every experimental value is from an expected count, or what that same value should be if there was no difference between IIQ and IIR. It is very similar to the Error calculation you would do in a lab, or something similar. I put all of slippery’s values into Excel (a little hard to do from the screenshot), then made a separate table of the expected counts. Since the built-in Excel CHISQ.TEST isn’t very useful, I made this table by hand. I then made a third table, finding the chi-square component of each “pairing” of values, that is, the experimental value and its matching expected value.

Currency Drops
My null hypothesis was that the distributions of currency drops were the same for IIQ and IIR, and the alternative was that they are not. This essentially means that I will be testing the distributions of currency drops against some theoretical one in which there is no difference between the two.

If you are going to perform a statistical test, i’d isolate a specific hypothesis to test. For example, the original post mentioned a theory that high quality rare items like chaos would drop more frequently with IIR than IIQ, so i’d partition the dataset into these rare currency items to test that hypothesis. Or test a hypothesis that lower value currency items drop more frequently with IIQ vs IIR.

Playing Path Of Exile Is A Good Choice For You

In Path of Exile, there is so much information to take in. If you enjoy games with complex systems that require time and practice to understand, PoE is a good choice for you. Below, u4gm will give a simple introduction and guidance for this game.

This game is about making a plan for what kind of build you want for your character, and the passive tree is the means you use to do it. So once you have your plan, you pick the character and allocate the nodes that you’ll need for your build.

For example, if you want a non-critical melee build that relies on physical damage, you hit nodes that will increase physical damage. Resolute technique is a keystone (big node) that would be essential for such a build because your attacks can’t be evaded. You won’t deal crits, yes, but since the said build is a physical one, resolute technique will only help you and not hinder you in anyway.

Path of Exile

You can also use Path of Building, a downloadable PoE ‘app,’ if you can call it that, that can help you to understand the passive tree better, and give you an idea of how a certain build may look like if you choose to design one yourself.

Also, when using the passive skill tree, it’s always best to avoid allocating too many strength, intel, or dexterity nodes, since they don’t really give you the upgrades you’re looking for, aside from allowing you to wear gear.

Also, life on this game is Essentlal. Yes, DPS is fun, but you’re also going to have to regularly upgrade life on your character in order to ensure they don’t die easily as you progress through the story, and later endgame.

And avoid mana nodes unless you’re using the Mind Over Matter keystone. Mana nodes are a waste and you should use your passive points for other things.

So in short:

  • Come up with a build, or find someone else’s build to copy from. That means knowing what kind of skills, weapons, armor, and all the other gear you’ll be using, etc.
  • Navigate the passive skill tree so you pick nodes that perfectly fit that build.

Also: do not allocate points on mana nodes, and do not spend points on intel, dex, or str nodes if you don’t have to. Your priorities should be on nodes that will fit the purpose of your build. Basically, find the shortest path you can that will yield the best results. Lastly, you should also prioritize on life nodes as well.

Oh yeah, one more thing, learn about elemental resistances as well. Resistance is cruclal. It sounds like a lot, but research will help quite a bit, as well as trial and error from playing the game itself.

BHC Primordial Fire Elementalist – Righteous Fire – Path of Exile

I want to share a build I’ve playing in Hardcore Bestiary and submit my entry to Build of the Week. This is a Righteous Fire Elementalist which uses the Elementalist’s golem buffs for their defensive and offensive utility. I also use Beacon of Ruin combined Shield Charge to shock enemies which explode due to Inpulsa’s modifier, Shocked Enemies Explode dealing a % of their life. U4GM.com as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe currency trade with instant delivery.

poe builds

How does the build work?
1) Burn nearby enemies with righteous fire
2) Shock enemies and proliferate the shocks using the newly buffed Elementalist Keystone, Beacon Ruin. It now makes it so your shocks increase damage taken by at least 20%.
3) Explode enemies with Inpulsa’s Broken Heart
4) Use The Anima Stone and the Elementalist Keystones, Liege of the Primordial and Elemancer, to get one of each golem
5) Stack Primordial Eminence to increase your golem buffs
6) Use Balefire for single target scorching ray

Early Leveling 1-40
-Use FREEZING PULSE with two First Snow threshold jewels.
-Use items like Tabula Rasa, Life Spring and Gold Rim to make early leveling feel much smoother.
-Do first ascendancy at level 35-40
-Liege of the Primordial will give you a nice bonus to clear speed
-I recommend using lightning + stone golem

Mid Game 41-70’s
-At level 41 you can use double clay shaper which gives you 2 more golems.
-Liege of the primordial gives you 1 more golem
-Get as many jewel sockets and as much life as you can
-Grab some minion damage if you want (you will refund this later)
-Once you have enough sockets you want to use THE ANIME STONE, 1x PRIMORDIAL MIGHT, all the rest PRIMORDIAL HARMONY
-Primordial Harmony is what gives you your minion damage and clear speed
– Do second Ascendancy at level 55-60 (whenever you feel comfortable)
– After you get your second Ascendancy node, Elemancer, leveling and bosses will feel VERY easy
– Farm Blood Aquaduct to at least lvl 70. You can go longer if you aren’t quite ready to progress
– No rush to do 3rd Ascendancy as it doesn’t benefit us at all other than the resist
– Golems make Kitava in Act10 pretty easy. If you’re in hardcore don’t feel bad for paying someone to kill him.

Final Fantasy XIV Is One Of The Most Fascinating Parts Of The Series

Final Fantasy XIV (FF XIV) is one of the most fascinating parts of the series and video game industry. It features paradoxes, Japanese stubbornness, brand surrender, fan loyalty, fight with updating momentum, or passes in generations of consoles. At the end of FF XIV excellent study material and excellent online RPG you play today on three systems. Additionally, its first data channel with the Heavensward subtitle pulls the quality up in an even more powerful way.


Eight years of FF XIV at a glance

When you turn on FF XIV today and enjoy a beautiful world, it is difficult for you to feel like it was starting. Today, the PS4 is all smooth, functional, updates are nicely popping up in the background or when necessary. The interface is a bit old-fashioned but functional. You know when the novel and the author’s link will come.

When FF XIV started in September 2010 on the PC, the authors prepared everything: an early start for some players, a mass start of eight days and all participants found that they had a game that had no bugs but strange controls, broken systems, little content and many can not make it run in sufficient quality. The authors understood that they were hard hit by the likes of the players, so they chose a compromise: canceling the monthly fees, lowering the cost of the base (after two months costing 10 euros) and working on improvements. The PS3 version was blown indefinitely and tried to fix what was possible.

After a year, they found that in this state they did not have the chance to turn the title into successful waters and started working on version 2.0. And Realm Reborn was a new subtitle and a promise that Eorze’s world does not want Square-Enix to surrender, but it has to rewrite it from its foundations. Control, wandering, occupation, occupation, combat system have all gone through essential changes. 26.8.2013, three years after the start of the start, FF XIV was re-launched. In parallel to both PC and PS3, under the baton of a tough director, who performs openly to players in forums like Yoshi-P, and describes them in the blueprints of all changes and gives real promises.

In the history of history, it has become impossible: FF XIV is a fantastically playable matter. It works on both systems, servers are full of players, updates come out regularly and you still have something to play. Yoshi-P kicked the game for good, and Square-Enix could not regret the fact that after the first five years of development, he had three more money to get him into a frightened state. When the PS4 came in April 2014, which is absolutely unbalanced, everyone could congratulate. Today’s new content is added, adding more parts of the story, occupations, and zones where you can hide from the outside world.

Issuing the first Heavensward datagram, which gives players the ability to move to a higher level, to discover the snowy zone, the Ishgard metropolis, or to fight harder dungeons, is the end of a huge effort. What’s more, the quality of the content is incredibly rising – and while FF XIV 2.0 was a quality MMO, Heavensward is practically one of the best datadisks of all time. A big update for Final Fantasy players! This is quite exciting! The new content will be available within a few days, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and players ahead. If you need gils in game, you can buy cheap FFXIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL.

Additionally, a specific Japanese paint that will not surrender after World War II, earthquakes or fires and tireless mocks to improve and overcome itself can be enough for this. In Western conditions, the FF XIV would have become the same with other titles like Age of Conan, Warhammer, or Lord of the Rings. In the best case, they would go into free gaming mode, in the worst they would be gone for a few years.

PoE: Are You Confused To Make Animate Guardian Tanky?

In Path of Exile, if you want to try the new Chains of Command and already bought a starforge for your AG. Now, you obviously don’t want him to die ever. How can you make your guardian as tanky as possible so you don’t lose the poe buy items on him?

Path of Exile

1. Three things: high life total, high life Regen %, and capped resistance. For example, shield gives 3 /6% life regen.

2. Boots should be enchanted with +2% life regeneration when hit, this will still work on the AG. Should be able to cap elemental resist and have some additional chaos res from both boots and gloves.

3. Tankiest you can do in a 4L is Fortify, Minion Life, and Empower. Though I doubt he can kill with that. In my experience the Animate Guardian doesn’t really die ever, though caveat is I’m also using Zombies and Spectres so they can’t really focus on him, which you can’t do.

4. I guess Temp Chains + Enfeeble Blasphemy will make both of you tankier too. Also if you’re using a Stibnite flask make sure to use it near him so the enemies near him get blinded.

5. You can use BoR + a chestpiece iirc, he doesn’t care about the limitation. It’s cheap and gives a shitton of life.

6. Also, stacking regen is great. There’s a sweet little regen unique amulet worth an alch he can use, and try to get block, as much as possible. Block/regen with that amount of life and he shouldn’t ever die to t15s.

If you don’t know how to make animate guardian tanky, it is important for you to read the above article completely. Meanwhile, having more chaos orbs poe, you will become more powerful in game.

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My Ideas On Awesome Battle Royal In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, do you like Royale Battle? I love it. GGG created a 100 player free-for-all battleground game mode called Path of Exile: Royale, for April Fool’s day joke this year.

I think that the mode is fun because it is a mad scramble for gear and tests your ability to efficiently make use of what you find while testing your micro and macro as you manage your inventory, gain xp, and pay attention to your map and surroundings.

Path of Exile

Removing level restrictions on gear lessens the test of your micro ability of gaining XP and managing what you find to make you the strongest with what you can use.

If the mode stays it just needs some skill balancing like split arrow range cap reduced and maybe a lower PvP scaling coefficient on frost blades. Otherwise it is pretty much perfect for PoE as is right now, maybe meaningful rewards too, like leo XP and character MTX’s.

Here are some suggestions. I honestly think royale would solve the pvp issue in this game:

1. Auto generate random passive skill tree and then leave it up to the player to find gear to match the tree.

2. Or have full passive builds as orb to pickups in the royale maps – Kinda like how robocraft royale you able to just join random vehicle builds.

3. No lvl limit on items, what you find your able to equip no lvl restrictions.

4. Bigger map, and monsters more spread out seems to many monsters.

5. Keep the same character, so we don’t have to keep making a new one.

6. Arrow skills limit range so its more balanced with other skills aka split arrow is royal meta.

7. Flask more common and with no level restrictions.

Random passive tree – bad, removes the ability of players to adapt to what they find and just adds another layer of RNG (oh cool, got frost blades and screaming eagle, too bad my tree gave me 2 projectile nodes and 3 dex nodes). What’s your opinions?