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Albion Online, a great deal of gamers are super excited for this game, from originally announced to now, in general, Albion Online will bring a PvE as well as PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy. All equipment items are player-crafted, along with a unique classless system and much more.


The release date was confirmed, gamers are seemingly waiting this moment, in this summer, Albion Online is set for launched on July 17th, but, keep in mind that the mobile release will come later. More release details and its patch update, you can head on over to:

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“NBA 2K18” is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Switch in September. Popular features like MyPlayer and MyTeam have been confirmed for the upcoming title.

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Mu Legend: You Can Progress Your Character In 3 Different Aspects

On March 23, MMORPG Mu Legend gameplay, the first start open beta in South Korea was released. You can progress your character in 3 different aspects to gain power: the traditional character level, Soul Level, which provides additional stats and passive skills, and Account Level, which offers permanent boosts for all characters. There is no denying that Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale at U4GM.


Mu Legend has four unique character classes, in addition, the fifth class is Emphasizer. As a strong AOE attacker, Emphasizer can also soak damage for her teammates. In MU Legend, monsters’ DPS will increase exponentially as players level up.

Unlike previous version, gamers can expect more gameplay for widerness maps. For instance, newly added wilderness bosses for 20 players, random monsters with rare equipment, and monster invasion. The social interaction will be improved in the upcoming version. Gamers are prone to buy Mu Legend Zen by accessing to U4GM.

In addition, Mu Legend made a series of changes, including new dungeons, a new system, and a guild system. Meanwhile, Mu Legend has fantastic visuals effect and stunning graphics. Those who are interested in getting more news about Mu Legend, recommend go to here:

A Realm Reborn Was Regarded As A Rebirth of FFXIV

Arguably, Final Fantasy XIV grew into was a tough act to follow, anyone haven’t thought of that it’s such a spectacular failure. As know, orginally Final Fantasy XIV is quite failure. Thankfully, Square Enix gradually improving it from past mistakes, just like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, it was regarded as a rebirth of sorts for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that could. More and more gamers are willing to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil at FFXIV4GIL.


A Realm Reborn flourishes with a brand-new graphics engine, revised gameplay, and the ability to handle a much heavier server load than ever before. Gorgeous new MMORPG is now a bustling world, it has been succeed in attracting the attention of gamers from all over the world. More importantly, A markedly improved UI makes it simpler to track the action onscreen, and only minor frame rate drops mar the overall experience.

The wealth of content from prior releases is only scratching the surface, with patches 2.1 and 2.2 adding a plethora of adjustments to current content as well as additional quests for the main storyline. The main quest line is extended and provides a hearty amount of endgame play for those currently at the level cap. More updated new content, why not to visit here:

Housing is an interesting new addition that’s quite a bit of a gil sink, but it’s a rewarding system that you and your guild members will want to invest in when the money is rolling in. Much like in real life, it can take time to find an affordable plot of land to build your house on, but once it’s completed and bonuses to experience points and attributes start rolling in for you and your free company (that is, guild).

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There Are NBA 2K18 Cover Athlete Predictions

Before NBA 2K18 was launched, a series of prediction was also declared. Anyway, regardless of NBA 2K18 cover athlete or features prediction, based on previous gameplay, there are some relevant predictions. Until now, NBA 2K18 may still be a bit ways off from releasing, but, there are some most sought features. Compared to others provider, at U4NBA, it’s seemed to have cheaper NBA 2K18 MT.


Cover Player
Within a number of speculations from the past year up to now, most fans and communities place their bets on either Allen Iverson or James Harden. Both players aren’t first timers and being a face of an annual “NBA 2K’ game, though the chances of them seeing their last might not yet be nigh.

Significantly Improved Graphics
Due to NBA 2K17 was released for a long time, NBA 2K18 can definitely benefit from it. 2K can take advantage of the increased fidelity in the graphics department, which might have held them back to cater for the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms before PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming Project Scorpio.

Multiple Storylines
The recently released “FIFA 17” had an engaging story, which sets the game clearly apart from mere glorified sports simulation to an actually engaging and immersive experience with the sport in focus. 2K may not have considered this with “NBA 2K17,” but a deeper storyline with possible branching arcs per “decision” might just bring a bit more to the series.

Minimal Graphical Bugs
Making the game look jaw-droppingly beautiful may not be enough and with this, a lot of fans are looking forward to 2K, singling out as many graphical glitches as possible. NBA 2K17 still isn’t without any less than acceptable graphical goofiness from unrealistic clippings and stretching. The game is supposed to come as close as the real thing and a proper collision detection is long overdue. More NBA 2K18 prediction, you can click here to get more.

Galahad Brings An Abundance Of Other New Content

Galahad was launched on March 13, in the meantime, along with a new world map, PvE was improved, Galahad brings an abundance of other new content. In the four weeks since the update, according to relevant statistic, up to now, a few of the number was gathered by some developers, some Founders have already played a total of 2,804,864 hours, about 212,815 Founders have been played the game.


Just like the trailer of Galahad update, the trailer shows off a new UI that should make the game easier to play. Particularly in tablet screens, more importantly, biome cities as well as the new landscape also were introduced to the game.

Best of all, including new PvE expeditions, probably, it will be short encounters for one or more players. Honestly, the update also brings improved visuals, more spells, as well as a ton more improvements, eventually, it looking like the game is in the final stretch. At present, as the best gold supplier, you can know how cheap albion online gold at u4gm is.

Realistically, the game will easily be the most expansive and complex MMO on mobile, gamers can create various equipment items in-game based on theirself mind. When the Galahad patch goes live, players will be able to explore completely revamped cities. A slew of information about Galahad update, click here or visit professional website:

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NBA 2K18 is the newest title of 2K’s basketball game series. It will be released on September worldwide, featuring Nintendo Switch. Just like in the previous games of the title this game will feature MyPlayer, MyTeam, MyCareer, MyLeague and MyGym.

The “NBA 2K18” official feature include Shape your MyPLAYER and write their own narrative. Players can also build their dream MyTEAM, take control of the league, or prove that they are best of the best by competing against players from around the globe.


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