The Popular Madden Football Franchise Arrives In 2018 Edition – Madden NFL 18

The popular Madden football franchise arrives in its 2018 edition using the Frostbite graphics engine, so we can expect graphics in greater detail and lighting. In addition they have incorporated new styles of game, modes and functionalities that will make of this delivery something that you have never seen.


As expected after the migration of his brother FIFA to the Frostbite engine, Madden NFL adopts this year a new appearance and, with it, incorporates a narrative element that seems innovative for the franchise.

It is hard to believe that at this point there are those who do not know Madden NFL, but if you are one of the few, suffice it to say that it is a football simulator … the only officially licensed and also one of the most iconic sports franchises in the world the videogames. If this is your first year in the series or you return after prolonged exile, we can tell you that it is a solid game, not only because it is the only real alternative – which is regrettable – but because it is the product of an evolutionary process which spans decades.

Because it is a saga of annual deliveries, each edition usually focuses on specific improvements. Last year we talked about the franchise, the tactical battles and, in general, aspects of mechanics. In 2018, the focus is on 3 central aspects: graphics, story mode and Madden Ultimate Team. Yes, that means that the franchise mode did not undergo very noticeable changes, but we’ll talk about that later.

As I said at the beginning, this is the year of Frostbite and just like with FIFA, that means better lighting. The volumetric effect of the light inside the stadiums gives a renewed sense of realism; give body to the sands and enhance the textures of uniforms, which you will notice more clearly in night parties, as well as in scenarios with large windows such as Arlington or Minnesota, where things take on a heavenly air. This improvement also stands out in the beginning of the meetings, as some elements of the television presentation definitely won with the transition. In contrast, gestures remain an uncomfortable subject because they do not share the degree of realism of the locomotion graphics or animations, and the props that surround the playing field still show some neglect, something that, unfortunately, spills to Longshot where they abound elements that are not grass and clearly are not the specialty of EA Tiburon.

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NBA 2K18: This Year Is A Strong Year For The Basketball Simulator

NBA 2K18 will seriously deal with any potential problems, including the limited depth that playing as only one player has to offer in the big games, as well as interactive and connectivity issues with other players within The Neighborhood. In addition, the enhancements of MyCareer, and this game more focus on authentic presentation and solid mechanics, this year is a strong year for the basketball simulator. Here are the fullest videos and news, view more at here.

NBA 2K18

While not each of the updates to the signature modes prove to be as beneficial as intended, the ones that do work, particularly in MyCareer, are further boosted by rock-solid gameplay and a presentation unrivaled within the genre. The pacing of the story is greatly changed from previous games, as 2K18 introduces The Neighborhood, an interactive area filled with other players as well as shops, mini-games and The Playground, where the franchise’s MyPark experience is now located.

The gameplay additions were the best part. NBA 2K18 got closer to being a perfect simulation of being an actual NBA game. NBA 2K18 continues to improve on the overall gameplay elements that have made past entries in the franchise so popular. The biggest change in the game: MyPlayer mode. The mode that allows you to create your own character from scratch and work your way up the ladder towards becoming one of the best in the association.

Combining all of these aspects of NBA 2K18 into one area makes a ton of sense and help create a fresh new experience in the process. After NBA 2K18 successful releases, Kyrie Irving set to be the cover star of NBA 2K18 with legendary player Shaquille ONeal set for a similar role on the special edition. Tell something about NBA 2K18 MT to you, stay tuned U4NBA.

The Release Of NBA 2K18 Is Just Around The Corner: MyCareer Mode

NBA 2K18 is a fascinating basketball simulation video gameplay. The release of NBA 2K18 is just around the corner. As anticipated, Nintendo Switch owners should be excited about the game being made available for their consoles. You will be see a scene: the greatest NBA stars past and present. NBA 2K18 will arrive on this month 19th, a slew of information and many videos were continually updated, find more at here.

NBA 2K18

Video game developers, 2K Games, had acquired the services of one entire group whose sole purpose was to make sure that the port to the Switch was successful come the release date. The task of converting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of NBA 2K18 to a Nintendo Switch version was not a walk in the park. This the upcoming NBA 2K18 also includes many mode, to name a few, MyLeague, MyTeam, MyCareer, MyGM and more, let’s first take look at the latest video about MyCareer.

Enjoy This Following The Video:

According to perception, Lavar Ball will be featured in the game’s MyCareer mode, his son Lonzo was the second overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft and is set to debut for the hometown Lakers. Lavar Ball rose to national prominence while Lonzo was competing at UCLA. He has said in interviews he could have beaten Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game and that Lonzo is better than two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry.

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Madden 18: Coins In The Most Popular Mode

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in these games, and is basically a huge metagame that involves you managing a team, and managing individual players.


Coins are the primary currency in Madden Ultimate Team – you use these to buy packs containing new players and upgrades. And while, sure, you can always just buy these coins with real world money, there are ways to maximize your net gain in game, too.

Normally, coins can be used to level up in Ultimate Team and upgrade players in Ultimate Team. To farm coins, you can try many methods: playing games online, participating in tournaments and Solo Challenges and Weekend Leagues, and using Auction House.

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NBA 2K18 Releases For Nintendo Switch As A Download On Sep, 15

NBA 2K18 launches on September 15, 2017 on some platforms, such as PC, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch. Usually, NBA 2K18 has a free demo, according to the publisher of NBA 2K18, NBA 2K18 The Prelude will release this Friday. You can go to website to watch the latest trailer, including the fullest guides and news, tips and videos.

NBA 2K18

According to perception, a representative from 2K Sports has officially confirmed NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch will not offer Amiibo support. There was some speculation it might, particularly since various other high-profile titles from third parties have included or will include it (the upcoming port of Skyrim will let players dress their character as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance).

That should be exciting for sports fans, but there is less thrilling news to go with it: Amiibo support is not part of the package. If NBA 2K18 had included Amiibo support, it’s difficult to know how that might have looked. There may have been custom sneakers, or perhaps certain characters might have dropped onto the court for a quick game of hoops.

In later this year, NBA 2K18 comes to Nintendo Switch, players will enjoy a complete console experience, at the same time, you can also enjoy in handheld mode. NBA 2K18 releases for Nintendo Switch as a download on September 15, 2017. The physical edition will come along a month later, on October 17. NBA 2K18 MT is matter to each players, it will help you boost your power in the game.