Lost Ark Is One Of The Most Interesting Games We’ve Ever Seen

When Lost Ark was revealed during G-Star 2014, the game caused quite a stir, which is a game that gamers have been waiting for. Lost Ark is an upcoming MMORPG that combines the fast paced gameplay found in action RPGs like Diablo 3 with the sense of discovery and immersion found in open world MMORPGs. Gamers spend too much time on buying Lost Ark gold and Lost Ark power leveling, fortunately, you can buy now.

Lost Ark

The game includes full-fledged MMORPG with a large world map to explore and plenty to do besides following the main story, which says that the game world is being invaded by demons, with random chaos gates that are used to cross and also work as open world events called World Class Crisis, where players have to fight together to defeat the invaders.

In Lost Ark, you will see much more flashy combat visuals and you can even have combat mount. Four classes are confirmed for now: Fighter, Warrior, Mage, and Gunner. There will be new classes in the future as the development moves forward, and each class will have 3 subclasses. Four classes details and more guides and tips, recommend you go to website.

Until now, with nearly 20 classes announced, a tripod system that allows for complex and varied combos specific for each character, action combat that is by far some of the most exciting you’ll ever see in an MMO, and open world events, this is a game that is as beautiful as vast. Lost Ark is one of the most interesting games we’ve ever seen and is recommended not only to every Diablo fan, but to every single MMORPG fan.

Frostbitten Madden Is the First Mode In Madden 18

The Madden NFL 18 runs on the Frostbite engine, which is the first of the series. We were told that we could only be seen on Madden’s old Ignite engine. It’s very simple when you think of it. The Ignite engine is built for sporting games, and the Frostbite engine may have begun to run for first-person shooters, but as the engines expand the way the movies tell the story, the engine is the same.



Frostbite is a very mature engine, so the texture is crisp, the lighting is very suitable for film storytelling, player animation is solid. Facial expressions look very credible, although with the game more and more realistic, more and more games, and now almost can be expected, the bottom effect there is a little bit considerable. Nevertheless, just to introduce, this is Madden’s impressive new direction.

For the first time, it seems that the Madden NFL 18 will be a game that invites non-football fans to sit down and watch the game. For the stubborn fans to buy the game every year, there are traditional game mode can play. It seems that some things are looking for new audiences to Madden, and after years of updating, maybe a bit too pedestrians. Madden NFL 18 is currently preparing for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released on August 25, 2017.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Takes You To Vivec

Just help a god to stop a falling meteorite by exerting its powers back to him. Sounds a bit much for the beginning. But it is fortunately not in reality so, but only in the new expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The game takes you to the capital Vivec, which is named after one of the tribunes of the three tribes. Once you have helped your canons, you are invited to meet Prince Vivec personally. This reveals to you that he is just getting worse and he is getting weaker. As you have already proved useful and helpful, he asks you again for help.

And do not hesitate for a long time and help of course. So you go on the search for the cause of its dwindling power and travels the whole country. Of course many more requests from the citizens await you. In the Elder Scrolls styles, you can deal with other tasks for days, instead of saving Tamriel. Nevertheless, this remains the main task and is, at least by us, first addressed.


Craft-Market Also Goes Online

On your journey you collect some objects and equipment as you know it from rolling games. Likewise, you are diligently collecting materials for the production of different things. Everything as usual. You can of course also use these after short introductory quests to the individual crafting types and make abundant equipment, food, glyphs and potions. Now we know enough from different games of the series.

With The Elder Scrolls Online, it is just the special thing that you no longer wander alone through Tamriel. At the same time, all other players are online who are online. This gives a completely different and special player experience and atmosphere in contrast to the single player parts such as Skyrim. The whole feeling changes through this difference.

When you enter a dungeon, you are no longer alone there. Maybe you are lucky and you are the only ones, but usually this is not the case. So it can happen that you fight with your brand new character Level 3 the same Dwemer creations as someone who is already level 612. A bit weird, but it’s a bit tense at TESO. The level upper limit is 630, so you have a long way to go.

The Tea Ceremony Must Be Learned

If you enter this part of the series or if you have only played Skyrim before, there are some aspects that you have to consider. Before, you had a certain limit, which you could carry weight. Here it is now the case that you can initially have up to 60 different items in the inventory. How many of you have a variety here is not decisive here. So you can haul a lot of natural water or thieves with you without paying attention to the crowd.

In addition, you must find recipes during your adventure. If you want to make a rose tea, for which you only need rose petals, your character does not come up with the idea of producing this only if you have not found the right recipe. In any case, something very small of Bethesda at this point. Here it would have been desirable to combine ingredients with a simple experiment to a meal or a drink – just as with potions it also works strangely.

If you have too many items, you still have the option to access a memory in the bank. If you are a member of a guild, you can also use the guild of the guild. In addition, in exchange for gold, you can also extend your carrying capacity or your bag with special handlers. However, this becomes more and more expensive. The more you want to expand your payload.

MMO or not MMO – It Depends On You

Obviously, you are diligently gaining experience in all the things you experience and master. So you gradually rise step by step and approach the big 630 more and more. Each time you climb, you can spread several points. Once you have the choice between raising your Magicka, your life points, or your stamina. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to learn skills or improve already learned skills. These are divided into different categories. On the one hand, you have your typical skills of your chosen class, as well as various craftsmanship skills and, on the other hand, skills of your armor and weapons.

So there are already differences between the classic parts of The Elder Scrolls and the Massively Multiplayer Online variant. Nevertheless, it remains a classic Elder Scrolls and lets you travel several regions one at a time or at a time. It connects the individual stories with each other and lets you experience multiple experiences. What many of you have certainly wanted.

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Albion Online Guardians – Details About The World’s Raid Bosses

On the eve of the upcoming MMORPG update Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive posted a fresh release of the developer’s diaries. This time the article is devoted to the most powerful creatures of the game, known as the Guardians. They protect the world from the players. Naturally, it’s worth killing them to pick up a valuable loot. It is necessary to justify the hopes placed on you.


Do not even try to kill the Guardian in solo – you’ll need a group of about 10 people to defeat him, but if you bring a lot of people, the prey will have to be divided into all. It is worth noting that 15 minutes after the start of the battle, the Guardian will become enraged, and other players may well spoil your life by attacking you. But despite all the inconveniences, it’s the Guardians that will become the most valuable source of resources, because you can get as many as 2,560 Tier 6 resources (without taking into account the various bonuses).

The Guardian’s respawning is completely random. After the last murder, it can take 12 to 48 hours to wait before the boss is reborn again. This means that many guilds will day and night scour around the neighborhood and eliminate unwanted competitors. Of course, the Guardians will settle anywhere, so you’ll have to look for them in red and black locations, so get ready for a bloody battle for resources.

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The Plot Part Of Mu Legend And Its Development

Looking back on the development of Mu Legend, previously, Mu Legend was called as Mu 2. However, the development of Mu 2 began in the first half of the 2000s, nonetheless, in 2011, the project was canceled. The restart took place in 2011 to recreate the sensations that players received from the cult of the original Mu Online.

Mu Legend

The plot part of Mu Legend begins with the fact that Ikarus could not stop the resurrection of Kundun, and to solve the problem sent the heroes to the past. During a time travel, they lose their memory. On the way to the return of memories and the mission, adventurers have to overcome many challenges.

What’s more, from the content similar or removed from the original Mu Online, the developers noted the mission of Blood Castle (a large PvE event to capture the castle), Jewel of Bless stones, a system of wings and mounts, as well as heroes that players meet on the plot. Now, you can take advantage of chance to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen on well-known website like U4GM.

Currently, Mu Legend is gradually in the focus of the game press. Various facebook, twitter and other social media, and official website such as U4GM, and these platforms have been posted a wealth of information, ensuring that information about the game is nowhere. The hottest information is source from here.

Elder Scrolls Has Its First Trailer For Two New DLCs

During the E3 2017 conference in Los Angeles, Bethesda announced the arrival of two new DLCs for The Elder Scrolls Online. Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City, these expansion names, were presented with a first trailer that you can see at the middle of the article.

The company also seized the opportunity to announce that The Elder Scrolls Online has reached 10 million players, and that the userbase of its MMORPG continues to grow steadily on all platforms.

A release date for DLCs has not been widespread, so we expect any updates from Bethesda in the coming weeks.

FFXIV Stormblood Is Not Limited To Bringing Updates And Aesthetics

Gamers can experience Final Fantasy XIV in new and in new and exciting ways. Square Enix continues to introduce innovative and engaging entertainment for gamers around the world. Final Fantasy XIV new expansion is set for launched on June 20, next week, we will meet the new expansion. It’s time to buy FFXIV Gil.


“Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” will also include the “Heavensward” expansion. So, for players who only have the base game, “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn,” there is no need to buy the previous expansion. Square Enix decided to release one more trailer for the expansion. The update is expected to add several new features in addition to overhauling the game’s battle system.

“Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” is set to revamp the online role-playing game’s battle system. While there is currently little detail the upcoming expansion, players can expect changes in the current system for dungeon and boss battles. Players will also be able to swim for the first time and will be able to explore two new areas. But, the Stormblood expansion is not limited to bringing minor updates and new aesthetics.

It can be said that Final Fantasy XIV is a massive title, and as an MMORPG there are a lot of things that need to be thought about, changed occasionally, or just redone in some aspects. Final Fantasy XIV new expansion is coming, details about the new changes and source from here.

Albion Online: Take A Look At Three Up-and-coming Guilds On June

As the Hector has been published, Albion Online selected three new guilds that promising and rising to help players to overcome some hurdles in their first time exploring of Albion.

The three guilds contains new player-friendly GoodFellas, the roleplay-tinted Rangers of Celidon, and the competitive-minded Iron bank. As community members observed, each of these guilds has their own approach to the game.



GoodFellas is an old guild that founded by Kutweer in early 2017. Their purpose is to balance in-game and real life for their members to make the most of their time, while maintaining the fun.

GoodFellas is open for everybody, including new players that are interested in their way of playing the game. Instead of focusing their manpower in a single area of the game, GoodFellas decided that they wanted to take on Albion in all aspects. This doesn’t mean that their members cannot specialize themselves, but there are no restrictions and no pressure from the guild leadership.

“Play the Game Your Way!” The most important philosophy of GoodFellas is to encourage members to play the game their way in a comfy and friendly home where they can savor all of Albion together.

Rangers of Celidon


The Rangers of Celidon is an ambitious guild created by RangerDovefalcan in May 2017.

They welcomes any type of gamer. For players who want to be a member of a guild that would remain trustworthy, disciplined and noble, the Rangers of Celidon is a good choice.

“More Than Just a Guild!” The guild members need to obey three core principles: Firstly, provide protection for peaceful travelers within the lands of Celidon. Secondly, offer fair services, supplies, and sanctuary to their friends, allies, and the truly downtrodden. Finally, maintain their honor and nobility through acts of mercy, even in times of war and in response to injustice.

They try to be as self-sufficient as possible through gathering, crafting and dungeon parties. The guild are not going to roam around with the intention to randomly gank people, instead the Rangers are quite interested in actual and fair PvP and are always up for a challenge.

The Rangers of Celidon plans to build a core group of 30 players to ensure that they have enough striking power to have an impact while staying small enough to live their daily lives as members of a brotherhood. An economic base will be established to make they can move and survive in the black zones once the game is live.

Iron Bank


The guild leader of Iron Bank, Sharka created the guild in April 2017 with a plan that creating a competitive guild environment that would be able to support all kinds of players in order to be able to compete against the strongest guilds in Albion.

In order to become one of the most influential guilds in Albion, Iron Bank is going to build healthy and sustainable guild systems. They offer infrastructure that supports casual, hardcore, and competitive players alike as well as develop and implement training programs tailored to their members’ specific needs.


“The Most Powerful Financial Institution!” To allow their members to enjoy all of Albion’s content, the Iron Bank does not only spend their time with trading, crafting and gathering, but are also raising their own army to be able to battle with other guilds for dominance in the Outlands. “To further support their ambitions, the Iron Bank plans to construct a powerful alliance around them that will allow them to support, manipulate or devastate other guilds and alliances at will.”

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U4GM Have Gained Highly Reputation From Our Clients

In the coming months, Webzen stressed that the company will focus on developing more new content. The Mu Legend’s combat mechanism is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking down the top view. It is noteworthy that the character’s skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. More latest news and tips, recommend you click here.


If you do not know, MU Legend is a successful game success of MU Online, the story of the game is set before the events in MU Online, players are forced to “zero” about the past to prevent To block the destruction of the world. Impressive for MU Legend comes from making nice characters, easy to see. The characters are beautifully designed, white water, especially the female character.

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Mu Legend Give Fanatic Gamers A More Novel Experience

It can be said that Mu Legend is quite successful, Mu Legend promises to give the gamers a more novel experience than previous Mu gameplay. With five classes, Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Emphasizer, gamers are free to choose their own power to save the world. Of course, Mu Legend Zen is required over the course of the gameplay.


In the beginning of the game is NPH’s ingenious lead role with the role-playing of the chosen character when the god Icarus can not suppress the power of Kundun. Icarus sent the selected man to Lorencia in hopes of gaining strength after the time he had accumulated the strength of the gamers who could defeat the evil Kundun bringing peace to the world.

The battle system aspect is another advantage that captures the player’s beliefs when it comes to the world of the Eternal Leader. Although there are only 3 basic occupations, the skill system for each occupation is quite rich, as shown by the mahā-ma masters who have enough skill in ice, wind, thunder, Accumulate accumulation of gas points to use the effective way.

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