Can FIFA influence real life football

FIFA 15 is a popular football video game in the world, just some FIFA 15 Coins, you can build your ultimate team in the game, which brings a good football experence. Now you can buy some footballer who has a good performance in the first Champions League knockout on FIFA 15, which have already been completed last week.

Despite both Arsenal and Manchester City suffering disappointing home defeats, there was one incident we’re not accustomed to; Messi missing a penalty (and then the rebound). This was something that we thought we would only have seen on Fifa.

The Argentine usually converts penalties for fun but last night, he slipped up meaning one thing: Glitches have began to creep into real-life football.


In recent months, clips of Fifa 15 glitches have emerged, providing us with great goals, shocking errors, but more importantly, hilarious moments.

Have Fifa computer games become so big, that they’re influencing professional footballers or is it still the opposite? Let’s take a look at a few examples and similarities and ye can make your own minds up.

The Good

Forget Rooney, Ronaldo and Van Persie, there’s no better feeling in football than when a goalkeeper scores a goal from his own box. It’s a rare occurrence that we’re only blessed to see once every few years. Tim Howard’s famous long range effort against Bolton three years ago seems to have added a new dimension to the roles of keepers in Fifa.

Last ditch defending is an art in itself. Some are born for it, others aren’t. Call it extra training and analysis or pure expectancy pressure, defenders seem to have the goalkeepers back more these days. When the keeper decides to take a wander out of his box, the centre-half is always there to cover. Recent Fifa games have incorporated a similar feature allowing for a tougher challenge to score, and lets face it, much more craic.


As important as defenders and keepers are to the game, we all turn on the match so see the big-name strikers do what they do best- score absolute crackers. However, rabona goals have become a recent trend again as players make it look so it easy. Is this down to how good they look on the game? Probably not, but you never know. Either way, it’s great to see the trick has resurfaced in world football.

The Bad

As last night’s events inspired this article, we must start off ‘The Bad’ with Messi’s penalty miss. As prolific as he is from 6 yards, he has been known to fail from the spot on Fifa. Could that have caused it? You wouldn’t think so, but, then again, missing the follow-up didn’t help his case either!!

Remember Nani’s acrobatics? Of course you do! It was one of the biggest Champions League sending off debates, after the Man United winger rose high and planted the boot in Arbeloa. I don’t think we have ever seen Sir Alex run as fast to confront the referee. Had Nani got the idea from Fifa the year earlier?

There’s nothing more entertaining to a neutral (apart from a 40 yard screamer) than a calamity in defence. More so when it gives the striker a tap-in into an open goal. Keeping a clean sheet is the name-of-the-game for defenders so when it goes pear-shaped, players are sacked and controllers (and even TV’s) are destroyed.


The Ugly

In recent Fifa games, there seems to be much more physicality brought into matches for gamers entertainment. I have (as most of us have) seen headbutts, boots to faces and players hacked from all kinds of angles. However, what we haven’t seen much of are the WWE-influenced ‘clotheslines’. The move hasn’t been too apparent in recent professional football, but that doesn’t mean the Fifa makers have to kick it out.

..And The Sexual

Due to the hundreds of camera’s pointing at every angle at football matches, we are able to see the ‘Pictures/Videos taken at the Wrong time’. This year’s Capital One Cup semi final 1st leg encounter between Liverpool and Chelsea experienced one of these moments. John Terry and Raheem Sterling got into a tangle (and for once, the sexual mix-up was not orchestrated by the defender), imitating similar scenes from Fifa 13.

For some odd reason, players making out (as a way of eradicating some sort of altercation) has become more and more incorporated into Fifa. There is no explanation why, it just happens every now and again. Gary Neville and Paul Scholes must have taken a few tips.

how to score penalties on FIFA 15

Many FIFA 15 fans ask for more tutorial to help them to get hold of the game, although EA Sorts have already released some. Here comes a new tutorial teaching spot kicks, which is released by EA Sports last week, if you firmly grasp the key of this tutorial, you will save your FIFA 15 Coins and get more scores!

We wanted to do a little tutorial on how to score penalties on FIFA 15 every single time you take one, and this is what we’re going to be covering today. When the referee points to the penalty spot and awards you with a spot-kick, the last thing you want to do is end up missing it, especially if it’s a crucial one and ends up costing your team the game.

score penalties, FIFA 15

Step 1

It might come across as obvious but as we’re covering this as a step-by-step guide, we need to point it out. The first thing you must do is pick the best player that has the best penalty stats in your team that’s on the field of play. You can find this out by pressing the RT button on the Xbox 360, or the R2 button on the PlayStation 3. A hover down menu will appear showing you the full list of players and their stats at taking penalties, you should then choose the one who has the greatest statistic.

Once you’ve identified who your best spot-kick taker is going to be, you should select him to take them every-time from the main menu so that you don’t need to keep changing it every-time you go into a match.

Step 2

For the next step, you need to make sure that when the red bar is going sideways from right to left, and left to right, that you press the shoot button when it lands in the green centre. If you get this wrong, then the player will sky the ball into the stands and you’ll miss the opportunity of converting. Make sure that you get it in the green highlighted bar, and that’s the minimum that’s required in order to be successful at penalty kicks.

score penalties, FIFA 15

Step 3

When shooting, you must make sure that you get the yellow bar to three quarters of the way up, no less and no more. This will be a perfect shot with the accuracy maintaining, and the power also being maintained. If the gauge goes up to far or too less, then you’ll either put the ball over the bar or develop a truly weak shot. Get it to just over halfway to be successful all the time.

Step 4

When using the left-stick to move the direction of the ball, try to point it in a diagonal way to the top left or right, by doing this you for approximately one second, you will score penalties each time you take them. The goalkeepers can never get to these kind of shots and they’ll only be saved once in a blue moon.

FIFA 15 PC digital: a reduced price On Amazon

We can buy FIFA 15, a video game launched by EA Sports, in all regions on consoles and PC. And it’s a good news for some people that they can buy FIFA 15 digital on Amazon at a low price now.

The online retailer is currently offering the PC Digital version of the game for only $29.99 instead of the usual $59.99. Please note that you will require a free Origin account to redeem and play the game.

FIFA 15, reduced price

FIFA 15 is the ultimate video game experience for soccer fans. The game features 35 licensed leagues, over 600 clubs and 41 licensed stadium, offering a truly realistic experience. One of the more interesting FIFA 15 gameplay features is the Ultimate Team mode, where players will have to collect players and create their own perfect team by trading them with others all over the world. FIFA 15 expands on this mode by adding the possibility to sign loans for players and a variety of legends like Roberto Carlos, Hristo Stoichkov and many others.

FIFA 15 is now available on a variety of formats, including old and new consoles and PC. The PC version of the game runs on the Ignite Engine, sporting the same features of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. But it’s not a free game, you need some game currency called FIFA 15 Coins when playing the game.

Chelsea vs Spurs: a wonderful show in the Capital One Cup final

There was a wonderful virtual show between London rivals Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur last Sunday afternoon in the Capital One Cup final. It was a pity to Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho that he failed in his first game after returning back to Stamford Bridge, Spurs haven’t won a trophy either, which would comfort Jose Mourinho.

The game will be hotly contested, with the Blues eager to avenge their 5-3 defeat at White Hart Lane on New Year’s Day. In preparation for the game we decided we would let FIFA predict what is going to happen in the final. We played out the final taking control of Chelsea and Spurs and proved to be a memorable final.

Chelsea vs Spurs

As far as team selection concerned Mourinho decided it would be John Obi Mikel, not Ramires, to replace the suspended Nemanja Matic in midfield. The Nigerian played as the midfield anchor with Oscar and Cesc Fabregas just ahead of him. Willian and Eden Hazard occupied the wide positions with Diego Costa up front. Pochettino took Mousa Dembele out of the team following his disappointing display against West Ham and went with both Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb in the middle with Nacer Chadli, Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela behind Harry Kane.

The game started at a frantic pace with the man the moment, Kane, bursting through within seconds but after cutting back onto his right foot he fired his shot straight at Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian was then called into action, diving to his right to make a superb one handed save to deny Eriksen. Spurs were creating most of the early chances, with Eriksen in particular benefitting from the absence of Matic. The Dane was tormenting Mikel and after 23 minutes he lunged in on Eriksen to pick up the first booking of the match.

If Chelsea fans were starting to question Mourinho for including Mikel in the side they were soon singing his praises when Fabregas floated in a corner just before half-time which the midfielder powered past Hugo Lloris. It really was the only way that Chelsea were going to get into the game, a set-piece, and it was the perfect time to score. Eriksen nearly equalised straight from the kick-off but his looping shot was tipped over by Courtois.

Chelsea vs Spurs

After the break whatever Mourinho said at half-time clearly worked because Chelsea came out with renewed purpose. They pushed Spurs hard and the second goal came when Lloris parried Costa’s shot straight into the path of Willian who made no mistake. Once again the instant response came from Eriksen and once again Courtois had to be alert to tip the ball over.

Eriksen then went close twice again, first tamely hitting the ball at Courtois but then a header caught the Belgian out but it came crashing back off the bar. This was a mirror image of an incident in the first half when some pinball in the Chelsea box resulted in the ball hitting the post, with Courtois’ goal leading a charmed life.

Chelsea looked to be closing towards a comfortable win in the cup final but they had reckoned without the force that is Harry Kane. With around 20 minutes to go Kane picked up the ball around 40 yards out, he dribbled past two players and then unleashed a shot into the bottom corner. Courtois will be disappointed he didn’t react quicker but it was a sensational goal from Kane and the moment of magic that his team desperately craved. All of a sudden they were back in the cup final.

Chelsea vs Spurs

Mourinho decided to bring Juan Cuadrado on for Willian whilst Spurs took off Mason and Lamela, bringing on Andros Townsend and Mousa Dembele. In the 84th minute Eriksen was given yet another chance to score but his free-kick went agonisingly wide of the post. Having had to bring Ramires on in the first half for the injured Oscar Mourinho was wary of making another change, choosing to avoid romance by keeping Costa on the pitch rather than bring Drogba on.

However it was a decision that became totally vindicated in the dying stages of the match when Costa was set through on goal by Fabregas and he kept his cool to lift the ball over Lloris and seal the result for Chelsea. At the end of the game Chelsea players rejoiced around their unlikely hero, John Obi Mikel. Mourinho ultimately made the right tactical decisions and his team’s experience won out, Click into for whole video.

FIFA 15: ultimate team players coins issue fix coming soon

There were some FIFA 15 Ultimate Team owners, whose FIFA 15 Coins or items was stuck, EA will helps those guys out. Because of some technical issues, according to EA Sports, they can’t solve this issue before, but they have some new solutions now and will fix it soon.

FIFA 15,

However, the company said that it’s now possible to review player accounts affected by stuck issue:

We recently ran into a technical issue that prevented us from properly resolving stuck content (player items or coins) for the FIFA Ultimate Team accounts of a small number of FIFA fans. We are now able to review these select few accounts, and we will be working to unstick these items for the affected FIFA fans.

The process of fixing this issue “will occur daily over the next couple of weeks.” In addition. EA will offer affected players “one-time package of untradeable packs” to make up for their troubles.

FIFA 15,

If you have been a victim of this issue, keep an eye on your Origin email address or EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts for an update on the fix. After the issues has been resolved, your untraceable packs will arrive in the next few days.

In related news, Fifa 15 Ultimate Team has received a new update for over 130 players based on real life performance. Neymar, Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero, Shinji Kagawa, Xabi Alonso and more are a part of the list. Visit here to know more about those updated players.

FIFA 15 ratings for the Red Bulls

FIFA 15 is one of the most popular video football game all over the world with a lot of fans. Many fans are very care about the footballer rating, just like the New York Red Bulls players rating. We’ve pulled the six basic stats for Goalkeepers and Outfield players from, this will help you to understand the rating of New York Red Bulls players.

FIFA 15 ratings,

The tables below are a combination of the roster page for the Red Bulls’ site and futhead. If a player is not part of the Red Bulls squad according to futhead, we provide the current club in case you want to make your own roster changes.

Outfield Players

Stat Categories

RAT – Rating

PAC – Pace

SHO – Shooting

PAS – Passing

DRI – Dribbling

DEF – Defense

PHY – Physical


FIFA 15 ratings,


Stat Categories

RAT – Rating

DIV – Diving

HAN – Handling

KIC – Kicking

REF – Reflexes

SPE – Speed

POS – Positioning


FIFA 15 ratings,


Tottenham star Harry Kane fails to land FIFA TOTW

EA Sports choose some great footballers to join FIFA TOTW every week, which comes from international and club competition around the world. Many FUT fans feel excited when FIFA TOTW is released by EA, and they always use up their FIFA 15 Coins soon.

Representing Premier League clubs this time round is Tottenham star Harry Kane and West Ham’s Cheikhou Kouyate.

The fresh batch of players are available to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team now, but Spurs fans will have to do a bit of switching around if they want to face Kane, whose recent efforts against Arsenal and Liverpool weren’t enough to get him a spot in the starting 11.

Kane scored twice for the hosts as they came from behind to defeat their arch rivals 2-1.

Although they would fall to Liverpool 3-2 on Tuesday evening, Kane managed to get on the scoresheet with a goal and an assist. Kane has been incredible this season, leading the club with 13 league goals.


Kouyate meanwhile opened the scoring against Manchester United through a volley before they were pegged back by a late equaliser from Daley Blind.

The full FIFA 15 TOTW line up can be found below.

Starting XI

GK: Anthony Lopes – Olympique Lyonnais (France)

CB: Cheikhou Kouyaté – West Ham United (England)

CB: Jardel – SL Benfica (Portugal)

CB (RB): Michel – UD Almería (Spain)

LM: André Schürrle – VfL Wolfsburg (Germany)

CM (LM): Dries Mertens – Napoli (Italy)

CM (CDM): Sergio Busquets – FC Barcelona (Spain)

RM (LM): Saúl – Atlético de Madrid (Spain)

LW: Memphis Depay – PSV (The Netherlands)

ST: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

RW (ST): Morata – Juventus (Italy)

Substitutes & Reserves

GK: Gomes – Watford (England)

LB: Hussein Sulaimani – Al Nassr (Saudi Arabia)

RM: Iriome – CD Lugo (Spain)

RW: Mario Rondón – Nacional (Portugal)

ST: Welliton – Mersin ?dman Yurdu (Turkey)

ST: Gary Hooper – Norwich City (England)

ST: Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur (England)

Mexico legend defender: Rafael Marquez

Rafael Marquez is a well-know footballer in Mexico, who has a lot of fans and be regarded as a nation hero. Mang people think that he is Mexico’s best defender and maybe the most talented footballer in the history of Mexico football.

He debuted with Liga MX club Atlas when he was just 17 years old. His toughness and hunger secured him a spot with the national team in 1997, and his performance with El Tri took him all the way to Europe.

During his time with Barcelona, Marquez won it all. He also used his experience to lead El Tri in some of the most important competitions in the world.

Marquez is still in shape and proving his worth on the pitch. No wonder why Serie A side Verona acquired his services after the 2014 World Cup.

Mexico legend defender, Rafael Marquez

On his 36th birthday, here are 15 great moments in the Mexico legend’s career.

Rafael Marquez spent three years with Atlas before leaving to Europe. His performance with the Mexican club wasn’t the main reason why he left the country.

Actually, the center back caught the attention of Monaco during the 1999 Copa America.

The Red and Whites’ scouts traveled to Paraguay to see Pablo Contreras. However, they were dazzled with the Mexican, who joined the club in 1999 (Monaco signed both players).

Marquez made his debut on August 14, 1999, against Bastia.

He won the Ligue 1 title in his debut season, the Champions’ Trophy (2000) and French League Cup (2002-2003) in his four-year stint with the club.
In 1999, Mexico hosted the Confederations Cup, becoming the first country other than Saudi Arabia to organize the competition.

Mexico legend defender, Rafael Marquez

Rafael Marquez, who had already signed with Monaco but hadn’t made his debut, was an undisputed starter in Manuel Lapuente’s XI.

Showing his skills in the defensive line, Marquez stopped some of the most lethal strikers of the time, such as Ronaldinho and Alex, and helped El Tri secure the title.

It was the first time the national team hoisted a FIFA trophy, and they did it with one of the most brilliant generations, which included Luis Hernandez, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Ramon Ramirez, Pavel Pardo, Claudio Suarez, to name a few.

At age 35, Marquez was the only member of the squad that represented Mexico in the 2014 World Cup that secured a contract overseas during the summer transfer window.

Amazing FIFA ranking: Socceroos climb 37 places to No.63

It’s amazing that Socceroos climb 37 places to No.63 on FIFA rankings after they become the winner of Asian Cup, which really make fans of Socceroos so excited. They are a not very famous football team before, but they are well-know now because of their rapid progress.

The significant move up the rankings comes after the team dropped only one match throughout the tournament, when they lost in the group stage to South Korea, the team they would ultimately vanquish in the final.

The 37-position climb was not the biggest in the latest addition of the rankings though.

African minnows Equatorial Guinea jumped a huge 69 places to be ranked 49 in the world on the back of their African Cup of Nations performance, where they finished fourth when losing a penalty shootout to DR Congo.

While there wasn’t much action at the pointy end, the Asian Cup saw plenty of movement among the AFC.

Iran moved up 10 places to be the top Asian team at 41, while South Korea jumped up 15 spots to 54.

FIFA ranking,

Despite a shock quarter-final loss to the UAE, Japan only dropped one place to 55, the biggest losers being Qatar who dropped 17 spots to 109.

At the top, Germany maintained their No.1 ranking ahead of Argentina, Colombia, Belgium and the Netherlands and there were no new entries into the top 10.

Ivory Coast did not come into top 20 of the list, despite they move up eight place in the world game’s 20th-best side.

Harry Kane: the highlight of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 22

The latest Ultimate Team Team of the Week was released by EA Sports yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry was selected, which is the break news in TOTW 22. Would you like to spend some FIFA 15 Coins to buy him as a member of your Ultimate Team, he helped Spurs win the North London derby against Arsenal, which proved that he is a great footballer.

Kane has been in exceptional form so far this season, scoring 23 goals in all competitions and his performance in the derby summed up the way he has been playing with plenty of hard work and two fine finishes.

TOTW 22, FIFA 15

He is joined in the attacking part of the line by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who scored twice as Borussia Dortmund beat Freiburg 3-0 and former Chelsea man Andre Schurrle who got an assist in an impressive start with new club Wolfsburg as they beat Hoffenheim 3-0.

West Ham fans will be delighted to see Cheikhou Kouyate make the team after the midfielder produced an excellent display at centre-back against Manchester United, scoring the game’s opening goal with a very clever finish.

Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes is in between the sticks after his man of the match display during his team’s 1-1 draw with PSG which included a number of impressive saves off Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The package of TOTW 22 has already released in 6pm UK time yesterday evening, have you found your favorite footballer?