Focusing on one way to win runescape gold will save you time.

Maybe you can never be a real-life billionaire like Bill Gates or Mark Cuban. But if you’re a RuneScape expert, you can make millions of runescape gold pieces per week. And you’ll only have to play for couple of hours per day to do it.Choose one skill to develop in the game and work to build it up. It can be runecrafting, woodcutting,smithing, fishing or another skill, but focusing on one will save you time.

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Know the highest level of items you can create at your skill. This includes the highest level of ores you can mine and weapons/armor you can smith to the biggest fish you can catch.Produce the most valuable items in your craft, either making them yourself or finding them, and then sell them in bulk. If you can produce enough combination items like runes and dragon helmets, you’ll collect millions from players who want them.

Merchant your items if you can. Buy them at normal or lesser value, and then sell them at a higher cost, usually through forums. RuneScape won’t allow trading items at over/under 3,000 gold of their worth, so this doesn’t work like it used to.

Here are some tips for u to follow
1.It’s never a good idea to play RuneScape or any other video gave obsessively for very long periods of time. Get away from the computer and out into the real world frequently.
2.You’ll need to get better equipment to produce the greater items. As soon as you have the skill level and rs gold to improve your equipment, do so.
3.You need to use bank notes to trade your items in bulk. Use the “Withdraw as: Note” selection in the bank interface window to collect all your items in one note and then trade them at the Grand Exchange.


Mining old Runescape gold is not so difficult as you think

Mining for gold in old school runescape gold can be lucrative for your character in Runescape. Gold is a tradeable commodity that’s easily transported and can be formed into bars and jewelry.


But Mining Takes Skill

You must earn the ability to mine gold by attaining a mining level of 40 or higher. Once you’re able to mine it, start looking for the best mines.
And next is Arzinian Mines
Up to 146 gold rocks can be found in the Arzinian Mines, hidden in the mines south of Keldagrim. To get there, you must complete the “Between a Rock …” quest. That’s a lot of rocks to mine, especially since they re-spawn every two minutes. Fortunately, a ferryman is happy to transport you to the bank for only 6 gold rocks. This area is accessible only to players who are paying members.
Another great place for paying members to mine Runescape Gold is the northwest Brimhaven mine. It will cost you 10 gold rocks. It’s difficult to get to a bank unless you’ve completed the “Fairytale II–Cure a Queen” and “Holy Grail” quests. If you have, getting to a bank is as simple as blowing a magic whistle under the watchtower slightly north of the rocks in the “Holy Grail” quest to be teleported to the King Fisher realm. There you can run across the bridge, use the Fairy Ring to teleport to Zanaris and bank the gold ores. The Fairy Ring code BJR will take you back to the mining spot.
So Where Else?
The Crafting Guild has seven gold rocks and is available in F2P (Free-to-Play), but it’s a long way to the bank. The long walk can be shortened through a Ring of Dueling teleport to Castle Wars and then by using a Skills Necklace to take a Balloon Transport back to the Crafting Guild. An Oak Log will be needed.

Besides other decent places to mine gold are at the northeast beach at Crandor, the Grand Tree after you’ve completed the “Grand Tree” quest and the Karamja Volcano–each with four gold rocks. Crandor and the Karamja Volcano are available in F2P and can be banked without requiring any special tricks.