Panthers And Buccaneers Match In Madden

Fans and media members are always excited about the arrival of each week in the NFL, and wants to know who’s going to win? Then, share their opinions and make their game picks.

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This year, is showing you what Madden 18 has to say. This week, the Panthers welcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Bank of America Stadium for the home finale. Carolina led the whole way but didn’t put Tampa away until a strong fourth quarter sealed a 24-7 victory.

The running game ruled the day for the Panthers, with running backs Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey combining for 155 yards on the ground. Quarterback Cam Newtonadded 34 rushing yards, including a 1-yard touchdown run in the second quarter that gave the Panthers a 10-0 lead.

The Buccaneers closed within 10-7 just before halftime on a 1-yard touchdown run by Peyton Barber, and that’s where the score stood until the fourth quarter. McCaffrey extended the edge with a 2-yard score, then a James Bradberry interception of Jameis Winston – held to 195 yards on 42 pass attempts – set up the offense again.

Newton and tight end Greg Olsen connecting for a 25-yard score, that’s no doubt. And Olsen and Devin Funchess combined for 99 receiving yards on eight catches. If you want to know more about this game, you can find U4GM news, where will provide more details and news.

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Madden 18: Longshot Shows Us Devin Beginning His Football Career

EA, the video game publisher responsible for releasing sport games like FIFA, NBA, Madden and more. Every year, these sport games are always gradually being updated, regardless of whether games’ features or modes, especially for this year’s Madden 18, Madden 18 added a new story mode, called Longshot, Longshot shows us Devin beginning his football career as a high school quarterback.

Madden 18

Longshot doesn’t deal with any of the gritty realities of pro football, like concussions or steroid use. It doesn’t bother navigating the seriousness of Devin’s PTSD after his dad’s death, either. In spite of the game’s themes about grief and failure, the narrative never gets too grim, instead focusing on Devin’s friendship with Colt and his larger dreams of football stardom. A complete newcomer to Madden should play through the first several solo challenges in the Madden Ultimate Team mode before tackling Longshot.

Madden NFL 18 Longshot Act #1 Answers And Decisions

Start the game and choose the following conversations choices when they appear
During the introduction with young versions of Devin and Cole, select “Change the Play”
During the conversation with Colt on the road when the option comes, choose “Have Mercy”
After this, opt to sing with Colt
At the hotel, choose “Reject” when the option comes
During the conversation in the Regional Combine, choose “Hush Colt”
Choose “Encourage Colt” when he is feeling discouraged. After this, choose to go with him to improve your own grade and his as well.
When Mario Gonzales insults you, choose “Ignore Him”
During the TV Bosses scene, choose “Question’ at every turn”

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How To Break Off Big Runs In Madden NFL 18 Like ImSteveyJ

EA Sports makes it clear again that interactive football belongs to them. Madden NFL 18 launches visual engine and 3 modes that perfect the experience.

Madden NFL 18 continued the American Football Season series, which is being played by New England Patriots Tom Brady this time. The most remarkable innovation in the game is the Longshot story mode, in which we have to get to a top of a new player.

Learn to play Madden NFL 18 at the competitive level as ZFarls gives you an inside look at how Stephen “ImSteveyJ” Javaruski executes a big run with the Atlanta Falcons.

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Madden 18’s Longshot Is Multiple Endings: Like Many Story Modes

You Can buy madden 18 coins from U4GM and then you can create the most excellent player of Madden 18, New to Madden NFL 18 is the Longshot Story Mode. Not only is it pretty enjoyable, but it’s not that long and rewards you with a bunch of decent free cards to get your team going. For the new story mode, Longshot, there are the most complete details:

Madden 18

In the Madden 18 Longshot story mode, you are challenged with getting hopeful quarterback Devin Wade, and his friend/receiver accomplice Colt Cruise to the NFL Draft, and subsequently drafted onto an NFL roster. Additionally, Madden 18 determined to vary every part up and provides players a shot to step into the shoes of an NFL hopeful trying to get his massive breakthrough into the league.

In Longshot, players make choices and play minigames that affect Devin Wade’s overall rating and where he is taken during the NFL Draft. Like many story modes, there are multiple endings. Your performance on and off the field will determine which of the three endings you get. Use Madden 18 tips and tricks as well as the best Madden 18 plays and budget MUT picks to get a head start on the competition.

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Madden NFL 18: Longshot Is A Football-Based Storytelling Game

Madden 18 continues to get better with age, Madden 18 is a well-tuned machine of football simulation. In Madden 18, some of the gameplay changes are easier to identify, the game updated some of the animations to give them a bit more impact, specifically involving some of the gameplay updates.

Madden NFL 18

The game is released each year in August, and while critics of the series like to call each one just a roster update and harken back to the glory days of NFL 2K, they’ve added features every year to tweak and try to keep fans interested. In your game world, building a franchise from nothing or just going head-to-head with friends or strangers.

In this August, Madden 18 is officially out, which means it’s that time of year where we all get to laugh at some of the best, weirdest and most mind-boggling glitches before EA Sports fixes them with subsequent updates. Sports video games are usually just simulations, Longshot is a football-based storytelling game. This mode’s more details and updates, find more at here.

Madden 18 also comes with an innovational but difficult passing mechanism. The user can now place passes exactly where they need to go, regardless of quarterback accuracy, with a new realtime cursor system. Madden 18 also comes with a story mode called Longshot. It’s a very fun mode that is influenced by the player’s decisions. Without further ado, we have some very low priced, madden 18 coins for you that will greatly help you out.

Madden 18 Focus On Engine Changes

Madden NFL 18 is available since released on August 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One and enthusiastically enthusiastically fans of American Football with virtual touchdowns. EA has been struggling to put the events of American football day. Although all of original features are great, the best part of the Madden NFL 18 is definitely its Longshot mode.


If it were the chicly staged, largely convincingly played as well as sometimes emotional story mode “Longshot” not, Madden NFL 18 would definitely no more than a (graphics) upgrade to the full price. Yes, with the switch from the Ignite-engine originally developed exclusively for EA Sports to the Frostbite engine, the quality of the presentation (keyword: spectator), physics, AI as well as in general has been added to the visual quality class.

With the focus on the engine change as well as the “Longshot” profiting from a good screenplay, it is not surprising that little has happened with regard to the modes and the game feeling largely unchanged despite the reduced playing speed. Accordingly, anyone who can do without the story and do not feel like the new 3-versus-3 co-ops in the Ultimate Team can wait or do without.

Anyone who has paused on the other side in the last few years can be sure to get Madden NFL 18 the most visually advanced and a playful comprehensive American football package, whose mechanical strengths and weaknesses, despite modifications, are largely identical to the previous year’s model.

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The Popular Madden Football Franchise Arrives In 2018 Edition – Madden NFL 18

The popular Madden football franchise arrives in its 2018 edition using the Frostbite graphics engine, so we can expect graphics in greater detail and lighting. In addition they have incorporated new styles of game, modes and functionalities that will make of this delivery something that you have never seen.


As expected after the migration of his brother FIFA to the Frostbite engine, Madden NFL adopts this year a new appearance and, with it, incorporates a narrative element that seems innovative for the franchise.

It is hard to believe that at this point there are those who do not know Madden NFL, but if you are one of the few, suffice it to say that it is a football simulator … the only officially licensed and also one of the most iconic sports franchises in the world the videogames. If this is your first year in the series or you return after prolonged exile, we can tell you that it is a solid game, not only because it is the only real alternative – which is regrettable – but because it is the product of an evolutionary process which spans decades.

Because it is a saga of annual deliveries, each edition usually focuses on specific improvements. Last year we talked about the franchise, the tactical battles and, in general, aspects of mechanics. In 2018, the focus is on 3 central aspects: graphics, story mode and Madden Ultimate Team. Yes, that means that the franchise mode did not undergo very noticeable changes, but we’ll talk about that later.

As I said at the beginning, this is the year of Frostbite and just like with FIFA, that means better lighting. The volumetric effect of the light inside the stadiums gives a renewed sense of realism; give body to the sands and enhance the textures of uniforms, which you will notice more clearly in night parties, as well as in scenarios with large windows such as Arlington or Minnesota, where things take on a heavenly air. This improvement also stands out in the beginning of the meetings, as some elements of the television presentation definitely won with the transition. In contrast, gestures remain an uncomfortable subject because they do not share the degree of realism of the locomotion graphics or animations, and the props that surround the playing field still show some neglect, something that, unfortunately, spills to Longshot where they abound elements that are not grass and clearly are not the specialty of EA Tiburon.

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