Madden 20:Superstar ability enhances CPU competitiveness

Madden 20:Superstar ability enhances CPU competitiveness

Madden NFL 20 is an American football video game based on the National Football League, developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts.on August 2nd this year, which is an exciting thing for fans. This version brings a lot of new features.

For years, the difference in players when playing CPU opponents is too small. Whether you’re against the future Hall of Fame quarterback or a shocking rookie, they are likely to complete a very high percentage of short-code passes and rarely do anything that mimics real-world opponents.

“I think in terms of franchising, many people like to fight against the CPU and try to make a Super Bowl and participate in the draft. They don’t like to play with other people, but it feels like it’s the role you play every week. The difference, “Young admitted. “For those who play Tom Brady and the Patriots, you are not that scared.”

This may change with the addition of superstar skills and X-Factor players, and we’ll delve into this feature. This new game with more than 70 new abilities doesn’t mean that Madden will play like NFL Hitz, but rather the unique ability of the league’s star players. Patrick Mahomes now has a unique animation that allows him to escape his pocket faster than his opponent, as well as new abilities that improve his running and physical accuracy. Tom Brady can quickly diagnose defense and find the first open goal faster than other quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger has a deadly pretend that could ruin your story and let his receiver bounce off.

The same is true of the other side of the ball. If EA Tiburon successfully achieves the goals of this new system, you will no longer be able to ignore rivets like Khalil Mack or Aaron Donald.

While I still have questions about the solution to the system, the capabilities of the Scenario Engine and superstars sound like promising steps in the right direction.

But EA Sports will continue to follow this path, or reverse the route and chase next year’s different functions? Sports champions always have this danger, but Yang said he has no plans to ignore the franchise model next year.

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