Stunning Goals of the Week

This week we are all excited about FIFA 15 winter transfers FUT update live. When you play the game, you can also enjoy some stunning goals and pick up some skills from it.

Someone has actually scored a free kick goal with Manuel Neuer from at least 45 yards out. Yes, you read it right, and no wonder that has made the cut. The second one involved a brilliant piece of skill, something which only a few players around the world have mastered. The ones that follow the second goal also involve some insane tricks that will make you go crazy.

What’s your opinion about the video, and what’s your stunning scoring moment? You can discuss about it in the comments below with us!


FIFA 15 FUT Store fails to work after TOTY forwards

Tthe FUT Store is not working thanks to high-usage just an hour before the FIFA 15 TOTY forwards were revealed on Jan 16. According to the news broke within the last 30 minutes on EA Sports official Twitter page, the FIFA 15 FUT Store was not working and connectivity issues will vary for gamers today.


Seen from the exact quote within the EA Sports FIFA tweet below, It’s not clear if the FIFA 15 FUT Store going down was related to TOTY forwards being announced, or just similar timing. High-usage no doubt explains the problem is due to extra players online, or maybe even a DDOS attack, although the reason remains to be confirmed.

FIFA-15-FUT-Store-down-jan-16 (1)

Soccer–Ex-France winger Ginola runs for FIFA president

Former France winger David Ginola will run for president of world soccer’s governing body FIFA, The Sun reported on Thursday.


But the ex-Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur player has no chance of winning the election and is unlikely to get the required number of nominations to officially enter the race.
Ginola, who turns 48 later this month, will become the third candidate to announce he is standing after fellow Frenchman Jerome Champagne and Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, according to The Sun newspaper’s website (
Swiss incumbent Sepp Blatter, who is odds-on favourite to secure a fifth election victory, will make his formal announcement to run again in the next two weeks.
Ginola will declare his intention to stand at a news conference in London on Friday, backed by bookmakers Paddy Power and the Change FIFA organisation.
However, his campaign will only become official if he can prove he has the support of five national associations before Jan. 29, the four-month deadline before the vote at the FIFA Congress in Zurich on May 29.
Ginola played 17 times for his country in the 1990s and, after spending the first 10 years of his career in France, most notably with Paris St Germain, he moved to England in 1995 where he played for Newcastle, Spurs, Aston Villa and Everton.
Famed for his flair on the pitch as well as his flowing hair and Gallic good looks, Ginola was a fans’ favourite at Newcastle and Tottenham where he won the League Cup in 1999.


Ginola, retired as a England’s player in 2002, has been keen on football, being involved with clubs in Asia and France.

Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto dominate games market of 2014

Best-selling games

To no ones’ great surprise, blockbuster brands like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Fifa 15 remain the best selling games of 2014.


In the UK, figures provided by Chart-Track show Fifa 15 as the biggest seller of the year. The long-running football sim series sold 2.66m copies in the UK in 2014, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association, with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare coming in at 1.84m.


The top 10 includes more familiar brands like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, but new titles Destiny and Watch Dogs also performed well:

1. Fifa 15 (EA)
2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision)
3. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)
4. Destiny, (Activision)
5. Watch Dogs, (Ubisoft)
6. Minecraft: Xbox Edition, (Microsoft)
7. Fifa 14 (EA)
8. Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft)
9. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)
10. Assassin’s Creed: Unity (Ubisoft)


The complete top 100 shows that Ubisoft has the most games in the chart, followed by Electronic Arts. The modest performance of Nintendo’s Wii U shows in the fact that the machine’s highest placed games, the critically acclaimed Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8, appear at 28 and 30. There are interesting anomalies too, including EA’s four-year-old skateboarding sim, Skate 3, sneaking into the chart at 69. The game became hugely popular with YouTubers like PewDiePie due to its erratic physics, leading to an unexpected boost in sales.




Meanwhile, in the US, sports sims fared well with Fifa, Madden and NBA 2K15 all making it into the top 10. Here, though, it was Call of Duty that led the pack:

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision)
2. Madden NFL 15 (EA)
3. Destiny (Activision)
4. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)
5. Minecraft (Microsoft)
6. Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo)
7. NBA 2K15 (2K)
8. Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)
9. FIFA 15 (EA)
10. Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)


Both sets of figures are based on physical retail sales only, meaning that boxed copies are counted, but not digital downloads. In the US, figures provided by NPD show that boxed game sales are falling: in 2014 they dropped 14% to $5.47bn.


NPD found that hardware sales in the US in 2014 were up 20% on 2013 due to growing interest in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 machines which brought reliefs.

FIFA 15 TOTY Defender:Neuer Pack Available

Right on schedule, EA has now unleashed the FIFA 15 TOTY Defender and Goalkeeper packs into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We can now bring you some instant TOTY pack reactions, as some players have been lucky enough to pick out some of the new rare cards.

If you haven’t heard already, Neuer was chosen as the FIFA TOTY goalkeeper, while the defenders are Ramos, Lahm, Silva and Luiz. Some are saying that David Luiz is a surprise inclusion, as many thought that Alves may be selected again.

Elsewhere though, it is not really a surprise. There’s no Luiz Suarez which is controversial, but nobody can argue with the players that have been selected, especially the forwards.

toty packs

Now, you have the chance to win the special new TOTY defenders and Neuer inside FIFA 15 packs. We can already bring you some live reaction on video from those who have picked out a few of the defenders.

Remember that the defenders and goalkeeper players will be available until Wednesdaythen the Midfielders will become available.


Cheap Ultimate Team Coins seller for FIFA 15

fifa_15 image

Every year, thousands of people play hundreds of games to get some coins. Of course, it is a cool way to earn all the coins by just playing games, but it takes a lot of time to get a small amount of coins. Therefore, a lot of websites started selling coins, so you didn’t need to play that much games to be able to create a good-looking team. Most of these companies deliver instant reliable coins in only a few minutes. Because of the market crash, the prices are falling and the coins become cheaper. Today we are trying to make a top 3 list of the cheapest and best FUT 15 coin sellers.

Top 3 FIFA 15 Coin Selling Companies
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They offer great support when you need help. Their websites is also very clear and fast. Therefore, they deserve the third spot on this post.

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They are even cheaper than utfifa15coins, So far, I haven’t heard people complaining about their service, so they deserve the second place.

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They are reliable and offer coins for low prices for FIFA 15. A lot of fifa games recommend this company and therefore it is the number 1 of this list.

Tricks to boost your fifa 15 coinage during market crash

fifa 15 image

Now January 2015 is here,You can already see that the crash has begun, because a lot of players are falling in price every single day. The Ultimate Team game mode is the most in demand and hottest mode in Fifa.With the seemingly harsh but fair restrictions put up by EA to combat coin sellers, trading will become even more vital if you want a reasonable looking fifa 15 coins balance during market crash. So here are some tricks that will boost your chance of achieving some serious coinage.

Player price
Players in Fifa 15 UT will be cheaper, because there are no more of the MMOGA, 5% off, link in the description shit to completely muck up the market.There are many ways you can make profits from this.

One popular method is to get hold of a couple of high rated players and sell them on for good profit. Of course, this means you have to either open packs or buy coins and receive the one warning. This method will guarantee profit, but you must be prepared to splash some cash or of course be a lucky little fuck.

The second popular method is to buy players based on performance. This method is quite risky but chances of profit are high. This is based upon real life, so basically if a well known or high rated player performs well in the Champions League or other, their prices will go up for a short while before returning to normal. So to make profit, if you think a certain player will perform well then buy a few of those cards and wait till their price goes u. But make sure you sell them quick, because their price will drop quickly.

Market Crash
The market crash is when there is basically a giant shit storm created in the transfer market. This is mainly due to things like the influx in pack opening during the TOTS and TOTY card period and due to the high amount of cards on the market the prices of all cards drop massively. This the ultimate place in which you can start earning some serious money. There are a few methods that you can use.

The first method is to buy many cards. This seems quite useless in theory but the thing is, once the market stabilises and player prices go back up again you can sell all the cards that you bought on the cheap and watch as the money rolls in. This method is of course called mass bidding, but not many people use it during the TOTY, TOTS period. Sometimes when the market crash is at its peak you can often find rare gold players selling for 200 coins meaning to make profit all you have to do is buy the player and discard them. But the problem with this is that auto buyers will instantly snap-up these deals.

One of the best ways to trade is to trade informs during the TOTS period. In-forms at this time are not given much attention and often they sell on the cheap. So if you want to make large profits all you have to do is buy In-forms who have converted positions, expensive chemistry styles or are in a popular league and sell them on for more. Or just buy TOTS while they flood the market and then sell them later for ridiculous amount of money.

If you have a healthy amount of fifa 15 coins, I strongly suggest you do silver in-forms trading. This will give a great deal of money if you invest smart. To invest smart, always invest in players that are in a good league preferably English or in English league. They must also have a high rating or a big stand out stat like pace, dribbling or shot. Finally they must be rare on the market so that selling them is not a problem.

FIFA 15 Annual Review:Sales Top 13M Units Worldwide

Electronic Arts’ latest release in the FIFA franchise, FIFA 15, has hit a new sales milestone. The game has now sold more than 13 million units worldwide at retail for the week ending December 13, according to VGChartz.


FIFA 15 has sold 13.13 million units when you combined all eight version of the game. The game has by far sold the most units on PlayStation platforms. ThePlayStation 4 version has sold 4.94 million units, while the PlayStation 3 version sold 3.66 million units. That is more than any other versions of the game. Also thePlayStation Vita version is the top selling handheld version with sales of 232,937 units.

The Xbox 360 version has sold 2.26 million units and the Xbox One version has sold 1.47 million units. The Wii version has sold 265,762 units and the 3DS version hassold 146,496 units. The PC version has sold 146,496 units.


FIFA TOTY Tips and Tricks Learning

fifa 15 image

FIFA Dribbling
Dear player, try to master at least two dribble skills. Practice them in the arena until you can do them in all directions. Note that you have to use R / RS in the direction your player is looking for him to make the skill.

After you have mastered two, you should do them not too often throughout the game. Do one and pass. Do the other one and pass. When you get close to the goal, shoot. Try to shoot whenever the way is free. This will give your team an emotional boost and make them play better. Do not try too hard and shoot when you think it will be a goal 100%. Try to shoot whenever you can.

FIFA Shooting
In FIFA 15 the finesse shot is back and better to attempt than the normal shot without pressing any other button than B / CIRCLE.

Do not hold the shoot button too long as well because he will shoot the ball to the stars.

FIFA Tactics
Some tactics you can use is. Fine tune your direction with the L / LS joystick. Minimal direction turning will drastically better your performance in dribbling and passing an attacker. You should have a good balance between passing and keeping the ball.

A nice trick I like to use is hogging the ball as long as you can so your opponent gets agitated. In FIFA 15 it is really easy for noobs to shoot goals in the last minute and even make you lose the game when you have done all the work.

Ultimate Tricks:Keep playing safe and keep passing the ball.
Another thing you need to take care of with runners is that you need to use B / CIRCLE to pull or push the opponents. Most of the time referees do not see that and you can get away with it.